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Octopath Traveler 100% completion checklists

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chapter 1 towns and connected 1-15 danger level areas

bolderfall (Therion)

clearbrook (alfyn)

sunshade (primrose)

cobbleston (olberic) and untouched sanctum

rippletide (tressa)

atlasdam (Cyrus) and the whistlewood

flamesgrace (ophilia)

s’warkii (h’aanits) and path of beasts

chapter 2-3 towns and connected 16-35 danger level areas

stillsnow (obsidian parlor, secret path, hoarfrost grotto, tomb of imperator)

noblecourt (orlick’s manse, the hollow throne, western noblecourt flats)

quarrycrest (morlock’s manse, the sewers, carrion caves, quarrycrest pass, derelict mine)

Saintsbridge (murkwood, twin falls, east saintsbridge traverse, farshore, rivira)

goldshore (caves of azure, moonstruck coast, west goldshore coast, captains bane, road to seaside grotto)

stonegard (tomb of kings, spectrewood, north and west stonegard pass)

Victor’s hollow (the forgotten grotto, east victor’s hollow trail)

wellspring (whistling cavern, lizardmen’s den, wellspring and marsalam sands)

chapter 4 towns and 36+ danger level areas

orewell (dragonsong fane, south orewell pass, forest of rubeh)

duskbarrow (ruins of eld, shrine of the arch magus, east duskbarrow trail, forest of no return, moldering ruins)

riverford (refuge ruins, north riverford traverse, hidden path, lord’s manse, shrine of the warbringer)

wispermill (ebony grotto, eastern wispermill flats, obsidian manse, shrine of the starseer, forest of purgation)

northreach (lorne cathedral, whitewood, southern northreach, maw of the ice dragon)

everhold (yvon’s birthplace, everhold tunnel, everhold amphitheatre, shrine of the runeblade, west everhold pass)

grandport (west grandport coast, seaside grotto, grandport sewers, loch of the lost king, undertow cove)

Marsalim (black market, quicksand caves, grimsand ruins, marsalim catacombs)

Sidequests for after completing each character’s chapter 4 (for some of the best items in the game)

post-chapter 4 sidequest checklist

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