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One of the #1 ways to learn English quickly is to have fun while doing it! This can be by travelling, watching movies and TV shows that you enjoy, playing games, reading books, talking with people, and basically anything that you enjoy. Among my students, it is usually the ones who love some kind of English culture like a TV series or movies that learn faster and become more fluent than the students who just spend all their time memorizing vocabulary from textbooks!

Here are a bunch of videos that are meant to be fun and show you how you can enjoy yourself while learning English.


Fun Stuff

Video Title


Context Detective: Preparation for IELTS/TOEFL Listening and Reading with the movie “The Internship”
How to learn English smarter, not harder, and while having fun!
What is so difficult about learning English? ESL student interviews in Vancouver
WHAT IS THIS!? Eating Silk Worm Larvae in South Korea! English Conversations [feat. Philip Gurney]
Why is a Language Learner the Best Language Teacher?…and Adventures in Korea
The Top 10 Puns in Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery (Funny!)
Top 10 Puns in Kung Fury (Funny!)
Smite Funny Gameplay: Learn English Through Games
Funny Smite Gameplay: Rodion Goes Ham! [Learn English]
Funny Smite Gameplay: Release the Russian Kraken! [Learn English]
How to Use the Expression “Salty” in English: I am Salty about English with Lucy!
What is a Unicorn and How Do You Drink One? Learning English at Starbucks