How (not) to Pronounce the “ch” Sound in English with Native Speakers [funny]

Hello My Friends! Yesterday I went to the Sakura Days cherry blossom festival in Vancouver and did a little fun experiment to see if native speakers could tell when the "ch" sound is said properly and improperly. It was really funny and I had a lot of fun meeting a lot

English Pronunciation Exercises: minimal pairs [h,/], hat/at, heart/art

Hello My Friends! Are you practising your pronunciation every day for at least 5 minutes? Don't forget that your mouth is full of muscles and needs exercise and stretching just like your body in order to work well! The "h" sound in English may be easy for some ESL speakers, but for

English Shadowing Practice with Sean Connery/James Bond: Improving Pronunciation and Fluency!

Hello My Friends! My name is Bond, James Bond, and I will teach you how to pronounce things with a funny British/American/Scottish accent! Hahah~ Today we are doing some more English shadowing practice with Sean Connery in the FIRST James Bond movie EVER: Doctor No (1962). This movie has some great

Improve Your English Speaking and Listening Skills Easy! With CLNotes

Hello My Friends Today we are looking at a great new feature in CLNotes that allows you to improve your speaking and listening skills with any materials that you like! Please remember that you need to use GOOGLE CHROME to access these features. It will NOT WORK with any other browser! The speaking

English Shadowing Practice with Jim Carrey/Ace Ventura: Improving Pronunciation and Fluency!

Hello My Friends! You guys requested that I do some shadowing videos for you so today I will show you how to shadow with Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura! Remember, you need to try to copy not only WHAT people say, but HOW people say it. This includes intonation, enunciation, accents and

English Pronunciation Exercises: minimal pairs [p,b], pull/bull, pet/bet, peach/beach

Hello My Friends! I mentioned in the video today that last week someone crashed into my car injuring my body. So, this week, it has been pretty difficult for me to move normally! Now, I am attending physiotherapy so that I can build my muscles back up so that I can

English Pronunciation Exercises: minimal pairs [l, r] rot/lot, wrong/long, right/light

Hello My Friends! It’s been a while since we have done one of these videos, but even so I hope that you are all practising! Remember, your mouth is a muscle that needs to be exercised if you want to be able to pronounce English sounds well! Here are the words that

How to Pronounce English Contractions (Including the crazy ones!) [Part 2]

Hello My Friends! Today we continue onto part two of our contraction pronouncing lesson. Some of these contractions are really funny because they are used a lot by cowboys and people who live in the southern end of the United States! Please remember to like, subscribe, and share the video :-) Please

Brazil? VS. Japan Siri English Pronunciation Challenge!

Hello My Friends! Today we were planning to shoot the new Siri challenge with Brazil vs. Japan, but the Brazilian team didn't show up so we ended up doing Japan vs. Japan... which was still super fun! Next time we are planning on getting some other countries to join us for

How to Pronounce English Contractions (Including the crazy ones!) [Part 1]

Hello My Friends! Today we are talking about how to understand and pronounce English contractions! It is hard because there are so many, and it is very common for people to not release the final consonant when they speak Example) can't vs can. After you watch this, you should know more