How to Learn English BETTER by Exercising! [Physical Activity vs Physical Fitness]

Hello My Friends! Exercise is really important when you are learning a language! A lot of times if you don't exercise your brain just doesn't work quite as well as when you do! I personally find that when I don't exercise my whole body gets sore sitting down and I feel

Where Does the Word “Quiz” Come From!? Creating English Meanings From Graffiti

Hello My Friends! Did you know that the word "quiz" was created just for fun by a theatre owner in Ireland? In this video we talk about where the word "quiz" came from and about how you can and should learn modern English! Remember, English language is changing all the time

How to Learn English with Twitter #IGotCaught [funny]

Hello My Friends! Have you ever got caught doing something that you're not supposed to do? Today, we are talking about how to learn English through Twitter. This is quite important as many native speakers talk about Twitter and hashtags (#) in their daily conversations! Learn how to practice English with

How to Learn English Easily Through Comic Books [Two Kinds]

Hello My Friends! I know it is really hard to study English every day, especially when you are studying long and boring textbooks, right? But, it is important to remember that in order to learn language well you should study at least 10 minutes each day... so what can you do?

English News Today: United Airlines Incident Global Outrage

Hello My Friends, Today there was some really horrible news about the way that United Airlines treated one of its customers. In this video, we talk about some new vocabulary like spark, global, and outrage. Also, we look at some reactions of the Vietnamese people as well as some popular YouTubers

Funny Smite Gameplay: Release the Russian Kraken! [Learn English]

Hello My Friends! Today my friend Rodion from Ukraine comes to join me for another fun game of Smite. This time, he teaches me some great Russian expressions like Ты умираешь (you die!) and we have some fun with some new English expressions. KS (Kill Steal) - This is an expression that

Smite Funny Gameplay: Learn English Through Games

Hello My Friends! Playing online games is an easy and super fun way to learn some new English vocabulary and have a lot of fun! No matter if you're playing with a native speaker like me or not, you will learn a lot from the game itself, as well as the

The #1 Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Learn English Vocabulary! (CLNotes Guide)

Hello My Friends! Today we are talking about an amazing program that my colleagues and I are developing called CLNotes which will allow you to turn ANYTHING you like into study materials! This helps you because one of the most important things you need to learn a language is interest and

WHAT IS THIS!? Eating Silk Worm Larvae in South Korea! English Conversations [feat. Philip Gurney]

Hello My Friends! Many of you were asking for some real conversations between native speakers in English so here you go! In this video I am in South Korea at the Seoul Grand Park Zoo with English communications expert Philip Gurney! As always, we have a lot of fun, eat some

Effective Language Learning at Markets when You Study Abroad [Granville Island Public Market]

Hello My Friends! Today I head to the Granville Island Public Market to talk about using the market to learn language! This is how I learned languages so quickly, and I wanted to share this advice with all of you. Going to the market is such a great way to meet