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Octopath Traveler 100% Achievement Checklist: Strategist, Collector, treasure hunter, Eagle-eyed and worth the detour

So I started playing Octopath Traveler on my Nintendo Switch and then found out about all of the fun achievements on the Steam version and, being a super achievement nerd, I got that version and played it instead. I learned quickly that it is difficult to hop around websites to check all of the currently existing resources if you are trying to do a 100% achievement completion run so I decided to put a bunch of resources together hopefully in a simpler and more comprehensive checklist to help other completionists like myself. The checklists use cookies so ideally you should be able to keep track of your progress as long as you don’t delete your cookies. This list should help you finish the Strategist, Collector, Treasure Hunter, Eagle-Eyed, and Worth the Detour achievements.

link to the checklist

All of the checklists are located here, but I would highly recommend that you take a moment to write down some notes about the missable items and monsters below:

important before you begin: missable items/monsters to note

One of the main reasons that I made this is because I myself had to restart a few times after missing some items and monsters because I couldn’t keep track of all of the different resources. These things usually have some heads-up descriptions throughout the checklists but you should write a note down somewhere about these things below so you don’t forget!

These missable item tips are from marcv666 on Steam. Please check out his guides and give him some ratings and favourites on Steam!


It’s worth noting that for the strategist achievement you don’t need to worry about analyzing the weaknesses of challenge/provoke battles or main story bosses. If you are really worried about it (or just obsessive like I am) you can always make your Olberic’s second job into scholar and do it anyways. For more detailed information on this you can check out marcv666’s guide on steam.

all of these must be done in or by the end of chapter 1

1. Meep in the Flatlands

2. Cactus Roller in the Sunlands

As the Danger Level of maps increases as you add more characters and complete more chapters in the beginning of the game you need to make sure to analyze the weaknesses of these two before you get a full party of four people or a danger level of 11. I would recommend getting Cyrus as your first or second character so that you can specifically tag and bag these two as soon as possible! Also, even if you have less than four people in your party, don’t get to chapter two or the danger level will increase to 11!

3. Sea Birdian 4 in the Coastlands

4. Buccaneer 1 in the Coastlands

These two need to be done before the Moonstruck Coast and West Goldshore Coast are at level 31 and below. This means you need to get them before you finish a significant portion of chapter two content.


There are some missable items that you need to make sure to grab!

Chapter 2: Olberic

Hopefully you have been using scrutinize/inquire at every opportunity you have, take extra care to scrutinize/inquire Joshua, Archibold, and Gustav’s weak points (knowledge) in Olberic’s chapter 2

chapter 3: Primrose

1. Obsidian Garb – This item drops from some extra adds in Primrose’s chapter 3 boss fight. Some other people have mentioned that if you kill the boss too quickly then the adds won’t spawn so make sure you take your time!

Chapter 4: cyrus

2. Original Tome – This item is gotten from Cyrus’ chapter 4 after the Lucia boss fight. You need to scrutinize three things:

Trial of the Twelve, Volume VII (right bookshelf)

Forbidden Gold (left bookshelf)

From the Far Reaches of Hell (book at Lucia’s body)

MARCV666 notes: “Be sure you get “From the Far Reaches of Hell” last else the Original Tome won’t appear in your inventory. I would guess this is a bug but I know for sure this one is required.”

treasure hunter

In Cyrus’ chapter 3 there is a scene where you find yourself in a pit during the quest “Yvon’s Birthplace.” There is a chest in there that you have to get at that time otherwise you will miss it!


Again, it’s just good practice to inquire/scrutinize and steal/barter with everyone you come across if you can. Especially if the NPC you are inquiring/scrutinizing is also part of a side-quest as many NPC’s leave or disappear upon completing sidequests. Also, in case you didn’t realize it like I did when I first started playing, when hidden items are revealed you can easily find their location by looking at the mini-map in the bottom right-hand corner!

Here are the missable inquire/scrutinize opportunities:

  1. Make sure that you inquire/scrutinize Zeph in Clearbrook before you have finished everyone’s chapter 4 or you will miss out on his hidden item!
  2. Also in Clearbrook is Meryl who you should inquire/scrutinize to get her hidden item before you complete her sidequest which will prompt her to go to Saintsbridge.
  3. In chapter 3 of Olberic’s story you want to make sure to inquire/scrutinize Bale in Wellspring. If you don’t do it by the time you finish Olberic’s chapter 4 you will miss your chance and the achievement!
  4. The Crest-bearing Swindler” in Duskbarrow should be inquired/scrutinized before any other actions. AS soon as you challenge/provoke him he will run away.

worth the detour

This one is really straight forward. Just follow the guide and do the all of the sidequests. I would, however, recommend doing a lot of the sidequests when you get to the late-game as many of the sidequests require you to go to areas that you may not have been yet or are much higher than you can currently handle.

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