Learn English Prepositions with Mr. Bean [Tee Off, Mr. Bean] Episode 2

Hello My Friends!

Do you ever go golfing? Have you ever heard the golf rule “play it as it lies?” This means that wherever the golf ball lands you hit it! It doesn’t matter if the golf ball went into a tree or into a lake! Mr. Bean learned about this rule in this episode and as you can see he is forced into some crazy situations because of it!

This video talked about some very difficult prepositions in English: in + into and on + onto.

When do we use in or into? How about on or onto?

On and onto + in and into can both be used in the same way in many sentences, but the main difference is that on is usually (but not always) used in situations WITHOUT movement and onto is used in sentences WITH movement. In particular, the movement is usually of an noun that is moved BY another noun.

Let’s look at the following examples:

  1. Mr. Bean drove his car on the sidewalk.
  2. Mr. Bean drove his car onto the sidewalk.

In the first example, Mr. Bean was on the sidewalk, is on the sidewalk, and will continue to be on the sidewalk as he drives.

But, in the second example, Mr. Bean is moving his car from the road (or a driveway, or a parking lot) ONTO the sidewalk. This is a complete change in place for the car made BY Mr. Bean.Therefore we would use “onto” instead of “to” here.


There are some simple rules we can follow here:

1. When there is no movement, or an action is happening at one place, we would use “on” or “in.”


  • The tea is on the table (not the tea is onto the table).
  • The boy is in the box (not the boy is into the box).

2. If the subject/object of the sentence is moving by itself, usually both on and onto can be used.


  • I went in/into the school.
  • The ball rolled on/onto the field.


3. If someone/something is moving someone/something “onto” and “into” are usually correct.


  • She put the soap into the soap dish by the sink.
  • I carried my bags onto the air plane.

Review the Mr. Bean video above as many times as you need to to memorise these prepositions! I will be making more Mr. Bean preposition videos in the future so that you can continue to study, and don’t forget to review the last Mr. Bean preposition video as well!

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