How to Learn English BETTER by Exercising! [Physical Activity vs Physical Fitness]

Hello My Friends!

Exercise is really important when you are learning a language! A lot of times if you don’t exercise your brain just doesn’t work quite as well as when you do! I personally find that when I don’t exercise my whole body gets sore sitting down and I feel really restless. How about you guys? Let us know in the comments below!

One of the things that I like to emphasise to my students is the importance of a balanced lifestyle. If you want to learn English faster you can’t just go to the library and study for 6+ hours a day and expect to get better. You need to get physical exercise in order to maximise your learning efficiency!

There was a recent research paper called “Physical education, school physical activity, school sports, and academic performance” by François Trudeau and Roy J Shephard which was a meta analysis of physical activity and academic performance. In it these authors looked at many research papers which discussed the relationship between doing physical activities/physical fitness and improvements in how much/efficiently you can learn things.

The conclusion of this research was that engaging in even just simple physical activities both by yourself and with others helped improve academic performance. Well, you might think, “then, instead of just doing some simple physical activity why don’t I do some serious physical fitness exercises?” The easy answer is that through the research they found that there weren’t many differences in academic performance of people who did serious physical fitness activities and those who did just light physical activities. There was, however, a significant difference in academic performance between those who did do some activities and those people who did nothing at all!

Long story short, if you want to be a good language learner then go outside and do some daily physical activities, eat a healthy balanced diet, don’t get too much stress (something I have mentioned many times before), and don’t forget to subscribe and like my YouTube channel for good karma! XD

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