What is a Unicorn and How Do You Drink One? Learning English at Starbucks

Hello My Friends!

Today we went to Starbucks to try the new (and limited time) Unicorn drink! Also, we discuss what the words “myth” and “unicorn” means in English (we also talk about it’s Greek/Mesopotamian/Latin origins) and what the root words “uni” and “cornu” mean! Watch the video to find out if Starbucks puts real unicorns in this drink! XD

One really important thing to remember when you learn a language is to learn words in context. That means that you should try to learn each word in a situation so that you can remember the word and it’s meaning more effectively.

Today, I found a great situation (context) to explain to all of you the meaning of the word “unicorn.” The word is quite interesting as the mythological unicorn has a long history. You can find unicorns in China, India, and all over Europe! The word unicorn as we know it today comes from the Latin words uni (single/one) and cornu (horn). Now, as we explain in my live classes, it helps a lot if you know the origin of words. For example, just knowing the Latin root word uni means that you can understand all of these kinds of words:

uniform = uni (single) + form (shape). This is why we use uniforms to make a group of people all look like they are from one place (in most cases from one company). Or if people are moving “in uniform” they are moving in the same way.

unicycle = uni (single) + cycle (circle). This is the one-wheeled bicycle. As you can imagine, it is called a unicycle because it has one circle. Just like how we call it’s two-wheeled version the bicycle. Bi (two) + cycle (circle).

Remember to look out for these word origins so that you can learn new words faster and more efficiently!

Learn smarter, not harder!

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