How to Use the Expression “Salty” in English: I am Salty about English with Lucy!

Hello My Friends,

Today I am explaining the popular new expression “salty.” This isn’t the salty that we usually use for food. This salty is often used by people playing games (and by young people in general these days) and it means that someone is jealous, or feels like a situation is unfair and they are ANGRY about it! In today’s case, I am talking about how I feel salty that Lucy has so many more subscribers than I do!

As you can see in this video I have a lot of reasons for being salty!

I think the biggest reason is that I do a lot of really high quality videos that are perfect for students who are learning English. A lot of the videos I make are actually by request from you guys or students in my real English classes. So, when I spend hours and hours listening to all of you and making videos that are designed to help you all and I see that the videos only get about 100 subscribers (even though I have about 800 subscribers in total) I get really salty and sad.

It really bothers me that 99% of the subscribers on Lucy’s channel are only there because she is beautiful. I totally understand that and yes, she is quite beautiful. My problem is that so many people go to her channel to learn about English and are leaving with almost nothing learned. Considering that she only uploads once every week or few weeks her videos are very short and lack a lot of content. Of course, this is totally her choice and I respect that she might not want to make a video every day (like I do).

In any case, I know that eventually more and more people will subscribe to my channel and that I can give those people and all of you guys a better English learning experience. Most importantly, I will always listen and talk with you guys no matter how many subscribers I get! I will make sure that I will always give you the best English education possible through my videos!

Thank you all for always supporting me!

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