Where Does the Word “Quiz” Come From!? Creating English Meanings From Graffiti

Hello My Friends!

Did you know that the word “quiz” was created just for fun by a theatre owner in Ireland? In this video we talk about where the word “quiz” came from and about how you can and should learn modern English! Remember, English language is changing all the time so you need to watch TV shows, listen to music, and use your context analysis skills to learn well!

I feel like this video truly highlights a common fact about languages: languages are always changing.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish… EVERY language is constantly changing. Thanks to the internet, languages are changing faster than ever because of global influence. In Japanese and Korean there is so much influence from English that at least half of many new words is an English word like Korean’s “nojaem 노잼.” This is a combination of the English word “no” and the Korean word “chaemi 재미” (meaning interest/enjoyable). So, this word means that something is “no fun” or “not interesting.”

There are many of these words in every language, but even if a language is not being influenced by another language it will still change often. English is a great example of this because there are new words or changing words that you can see every day like the word “get reckt” from “to be wrecked” or “mic (pronounced ‘maeek’) drop” which means “to give someone some big news or important information/truth.”

So, as a language learner how can you learn language if it is always changing? Well, one way is to spend more time listening to popular music and watching popular TV shows and movies. A large amount of new English come from popular media, and even if the new expressions don’t come from popular media, they will be used in popular media by actors, singers, and writers. So, next time you reach for a boring vocabulary list to improve your spoken English maybe you should think more about going to YouTube to watch the latest pop song’s music video!

Remember! Learn smarter, not harder!

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