Live Intermediate English Class with Adam [S1-E29] The Lego Movie and Assembling Stuff

Hello My Friends!

Do you like assembling things, or putting together things? Have you ever rebelled against anyone or anything?! Today we are going to talk about the “Lego Movie” and explain the vocabulary assemble, makeshift, rebel, refuge, and rouse. Also, we will discuss the grammar forms related with the word “when.” Don’t miss out on our live discussion too to practice your English!


Here are some exercises for you guys to practice the vocabulary and grammar with! The answers are written at the bottom of the page.


Exercise 1: Vocabulary Word Replacing (Don’t forget to change the word to match the grammar like past/present continuous etc.)

Replace the red word with one of today’s vocabulary: assemble, makeshift, rebel, refuge, and rouse.

1. The commander readied his soldiers by giving a patriotic speech.

2. Many people who turned against the government were executed.

3. If you need a safe place you can come to my house.

4. When the Avengers come together there isn’t anything they can’t do!

5. If your bag breaks you can make a temporary one out of your sweater.

Exercise 2: Grammar: 


Showing how we can use the word “when” at the beginning and at the end of sentences. Remember! When when comes at the beginning of a sentence, you need to use a comma “,”!

Change to following sentences to use the word “when” two times using when both at the beginning and at the end of sentences. Don’t forget to change the order of the clauses (sentence parts) when you move the “when“!

*tip* don’t forget to conjugate the verb properly depending on the subject

Example) I went outside. It was raining. -> When I went outside, it was raining. AND It was raining when I went outside.

1. We went to school. We wrote a test.

2. I was at the farm. I rode a horse.

3. I took the IELTS test. I passed.

4. You go to France. Try lots of delicious food.

5. They were sun tanning at the beach. They got sun burnt.


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1. roused  2. rebelled  3. refuge  4. assemble  5. makeshift


1. When we went to school, we wrote a test.

We wrote a test when we went to school.

2. When I was at the farm, I rode a horse.

I rode a horse when I was at the farm.

3. When I took the IELTS test. I passed.

I passed when I took the IELTS test.

4. When you go to France, try lots of delicious food.

Try lots of delicious food when you go to France.

5. When they were sun tanning at the beach, they got sun burnt.

They got sun burnt when they were sun tanning at the beach.