Live Intermediate English Class with Adam [S1-E27] Harry Potter and Confidence

Hello My Friends!

Did you know that confidence is one of the most important things that you need to be successful at learning English? It is also something you need if you want to succeed at being a great wizard like Harry Potter. Today we are going to talk about the movie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and explain the vocabulary access, compensate, confident, evident, and expel. Also, we will discuss the grammar forms related with the words “little and few.” Don’t miss out on our live discussion too to practice your English!

Here are some exercises for you guys to practice the vocabulary and grammar with! The answers are written at the bottom of the page.


Exercise 1: Vocabulary Word Replacing (Don’t forget to change the word to match the grammar like past/present continuous etc.)

Replace the red word with one of today’s vocabulary: access, compensate, confident, evident, and expel.

1. Seeing the bits of cookie on your face, it is clear that you ate my cookies!

2. If you hit another person at school you might get kicked out.

3. Please give me your key card so that I can enter the building.

4. Are you sure that you can win the race tomorrow?

5. I heard that someone broke your car the other day. Did you get money to cover it?


Exercise 2: Grammar: 

Showing how we can use the word “(a) little” and “(a) few” to show positive or negative feelings. Remember, with “a” the sentence is slightly positive. If there is no “a” the sentence is slightly negative.

Change to following sentences to:


a little/a few or little/few depending on the question.

*tip* don’t forget to conjugate the verb properly depending on the subject

Example) He has money (negative) -> He has little money.


1. She can drink water because she is sick (negative).

2. He has sense of direction (positive).

3. They have dogs (positive).

4. The Titanic had life boats (negative).

5. Teachers who have patience cannot teach children well (negative).


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1. evident  2. expelled  3. access  4. confident  5. compensated


1. She can drink little water because she is sick.

2. He has a little sense of direction.

3. They have a few dogs.

4. The Titanic had few life boats.

5. Teachers who have little patience cannot teach children well.