Live Intermediate English Class with Adam [S1-E25] Fast, Furious, and Anxious

Hello My Friends!

Do you ever get anxious in certain situations? How about if you drove cars really fast? Today, we will talk about some great new vocabulary like anxious, available, employ, methodical,, and superior. Also, we will discuss the grammar forms related with the word “enough.” Don’t miss out on our live discussion too to practice your English!


Here are some exercises for you guys to practice the vocabulary and grammar with! The answers are written at the bottom of the page.


Exercise 1: Vocabulary Word Replacing (Don’t forget to change the word to match the grammar like past/present continuous etc.)

Replace the red word with one of today’s vocabulary: anxious, available, employ, methodical, and superior .

1. I am very organised and careful when I put together my plastic Gundam models.

2. When are you free to play today?

3. Are you nervous about singing in the concert tomorrow?

4. In Asia it is proper to bow to your seniors.

5. Did you hire a new worker at your company yet?


Exercise 2: Grammar: 

Showing how we can use the word “enough.

Change to following sentences to:

enough for + verb/noun

enough to do + verb

*tip* don’t forget to conjugate the verb properly depending on the subject

Example) Is this sweater big (for you)? -> Is this sweater big enough for you?

1. Is the car fast (to race).

2. Do you have money (to buy a house).

3. Is your English ability good (to pass the IELTS test).

4. Is he good (to date her).

5. Are you brave (to fight with a dragon).

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1. methodical  2. available  3. anxious  4. superiors  5. employ


1. Is the car fast enough to race.

2. Is he good enough to compete in the olympics.

3. He isn’t handsome enough to be a super model.

4. It is sunny enough to go sun tanning.

5. Is the target moving slow enough to hit it?