Live Intermediate English Class with Adam [S1-E24] Harry Potter and Transforming Yourself

Do you ever wish that you had the ability to transform yourself into something else? It’s never too late to be what you want to be! Do you have the habit to assume things about other people? Today, we will talk about some great new vocabulary like assume, illuminate, likeness, mischief, and transform. Also, we will discuss the grammar forms related with the word “enough.” Don’t miss out on our live discussion too to practice your English!

Here are some exercises for you guys to practice the vocabulary and grammar with! The answers are written at the bottom of the page.


Exercise 1: Vocabulary Word Replacing (Don’t forget to change the word to match the grammar like past/present continuous etc.)

Replace the red word with one of today’s vocabulary: assume, illuminate, likeness, mischief, and transform.

1. In the Harry Potter movies many people can change their shape into animals.

2. Have you ever met someone with the same resemblance as you?

3. She thought her crush was single because he always walked around alone, but he had a girlfriend.

4. When children do troubling things their parents usually punish them.

5. Could you please light up the room? I can’t see anything.


Exercise 2: Grammar: 

Showing how we can use the word “enough” with adjectives.

Change to following sentences to:

adjective + enough

*tip* don’t forget to conjugate the verb properly depending on the subject

Example) Is the bath hot? -> Is the bath hot enough?

1. Is the car fast (to race).

2. Is he good (to compete in the olympics).

3. He isn’t handsome (to be a super model).

4. It is sunny (to go sun tanning).

5. Is the target moving slow (to hit it)?


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1. transform  2. likeness  3. assumed  4. mischief  5. illuminate


1. Is the car fast enough to race.

2. Is he good enough to compete in the olympics.

3. He isn’t handsome enough to be a super model.

4. It is sunny enough to go sun tanning.

5. Is the target moving slow enough to hit it?