Learn English Prepositions with Mr. Bean [Do it Yourself Mr. Bean] Episode 1

Many of you have been requesting that I make some kind of English video with Mr. Bean so here you go! Today we are talking about English prepositions and how to use them properly! Mr. Bean is a great way to show prepositions because he shows many interesting situations where non-standard prepositions are used! Try to get a high score on this little test and review it to master English prepositions!

I understand that for many people prepositions are quite difficult. One of the biggest reasons that prepositions are hard is that we have so many phrasal verbs in English that make it difficult to understand exactly where and how prepositions should be placed in a sentence.

That being said, I think that students should really try to get used to the main preposition usages like always using “to” around verbs like “go” and “come,” or using “at” with verbs like “look” or “point” etc. As an English teacher, these are the main mistakes that I come across in my students’ work.

I apologise that you can’t see this picture very well, but for me it is very useful for remembering prepositions. A lot of prepositions that are above placement are much easier to remember if you can think about them as a picture.

As you know, there are some exceptions in the English language like when we ride “on” a bus but “in” a car. Why would we say “on” a bus but “in” a car? If you look at #1 and #2 in the picture above you it LOOKS like we should use “in” for busses as well since when you go on a bus you are “inside” it. However, there is an unspoken rule in English that if you go inside a large vehicle and you can stand up as well as sit down we say that you are “on” it. But, don’t you want to ask “what about houses? I can go in a house and sit down or stand up, so why can’t I say ‘I am on a house?'” To be honest, a lot of native speakers ask this question as well! Unfortunately, in the end, this becomes another random thing in the English language that you must remember.

I hope that these videos can help you continue to learn more about English prepositions!

Remember! Learn smarter, not harder!

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