Learn English Language Through The Rock (1996)

Hello My Friends,

The Rock has to be one of the best movies that I have ever seen! The sound, acting, everything was so amazing. I always enjoy Sean Connery’s acting and Nicholas Cage played his part well here too. If you have a chance, make sure to go watch this movie! Make sure to check out the funny clips at the end of the video as well.

When you learn English vocabulary it is really important to review what you have learned. Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later! If you copy and paste this table into a word processing program like Microsoft Word you can print it and fold it in half to make kind of a flash-card thing for yourself!After you have finished studying all of these vocabulary make sure that you watch the original movie! Then you can try all of the new words that you have learned and try to understand them in the full context of the movie.




I come before you to protest a grave injustice Grave = serious, horrible.

Injustice = something unfair, unjust, not right or moral.

First of all, it’s because I’m a Beatle-maniac, and second of all, these sound better. Something-maniac = someone who really enjoys/likes something.
We have some dirty magazines, stone-age cave girls in the raw. Kinky. Kinky = To be sexual and weird/strange.
The bag news is that the gas is corrosive and it’s eating our suits. Corrosive = something that burns/eats through some materials.
If you die we all die. Inject your heart and THEN diffuse the bomb. Defuse = deactivate/take the fuse out of a bomb so that it doesn’t explode.
How much time left?

20 seconds.

We’re not gonna make it.

To make it = to survive.
Ladies and gentlemen, you’re being detained against your will for that I apologize. Detain = to hold someone captive and not allow them to leave.
Make no mistake about it, gentlemen, we are now in harm’s way. To be in harm’s way = to be in danger, to be at risk of getting injured or hurt.
We’ll be branded as traitors, the gravest capital crime, punishable by death. To be branded as something = to be recognized as something.

Traitor = someone who fights against their friends/allies.

I knew this would come back some day to bite us. To come back someday and bite you (in the butt) = expression that means that some mistake you made in the past would affect you again in the present.
Now for… take these off… as a gesture of your good faith. A gesture of good faith = an action that shows that you intend to treat someone well.
I’d like clarification, I gave that man my word.

Damn it, you’re on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know.

To give someone your word = to promise someone that you will do something.

Need to know basis = to only be told about something when it is necessary.

You’re not going anywhere, Mason.

This piece of work might be the only chance the people over there have.

Piece of work = trouble maker, someone who makes things hard for other people.
Cease fire Cease fire = stop shooting your weapon
This guy had dirt on everybody in the world.

Yah, I know all the cloak and dagger stories

To have dirt on someone = to have information about someone that you can use to hurt them (blackmail).

Cloak and dagger = about mystery, intrigue, or espionage (spying).

Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Loser = someone who isn’t cool/popular

Whine = to complain about something like a child.

But in retrospect, I’d rather have been a poet, or a farmer. In retrospect = If I could do something again I would do it differently.
His directive is to string Hummel along until the air strike is operational. To string someone along = to mislead/lie to someone over a period of time, usually to take advantage of a situation.
This is not combat, it’s an act of lunacy. Lunacy = craziness. Noun form of the adjective lunatic.
How in the name of Zeus’ butthole did you get out of your cell?

Trade secrets my son.

In the name of something/someone (adverb) = An expression that emphasizes a sentence.

Trade secret = a secret only known by people in a certain profession.

Stand down, captain Stand down = back away, stop attacking.
Green smoke, I see green smoke.


Abort = to cancel an action, to stop something from happening.
So where’s Mason?

Vaporized, blown out to sea.

Vaporize = to be turned into vapor. There is nothing left but a vapor.
Vandal, vandal!

I’m sorry

Vandal = a criminal who breaks things.

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