How to Learn English with Twitter #IGotCaught [funny]

Hello My Friends!

Have you ever got caught doing something that you’re not supposed to do? Today, we are talking about how to learn English through Twitter. This is quite important as many native speakers talk about Twitter and hashtags (#) in their daily conversations! Learn how to practice English with native speakers and learn some great conversational English in today’s video!


Hahaha… this video was really funny to make. My girlfriend helped me out in this video and yelled at me for eating ice-cream right out of the container without putting it in a bowl first (something I often do). This demonstrated the Twitter hashtag that we were discussing which was #Igotcaught.

To get caught = Caught is the past tense of “to catch” which means to either physically catch (grab/hold) something or to see someone doing something that they are not supposed to do. Of course, in this case we are talking about getting caught doing things that we are not supposed to be doing.

I’m sure that you can imagine how this #hashtag would be so funny because it is always funny to see people (or catch people) doing things that they aren’t supposed to do. This is because when people get caught they are usually embarrassed, and who doesn’t enjoy seeing someone else being embarrassed for doing something silly? Haha…

In any case, this #Igotcaught has been extremely popular and was even featured on a lot of major TV shows like “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and a few others. As you can see in my video there are a lot of people who got caught in really funny situations!

Another thing that is good to mention is that millions of native English speakers use Twitter to talk with each other daily. For those of you who always complain to me that you don’t have a native English speaker to practice speaking/conversing with HERE YOU GO! You can go on Twitter and start a lot of interesting conversations with real native speakers about interesting topics! Just go to and check out the latest trending topics.

As always, learn smarter, not harder!

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