English News Today: United Airlines Incident Global Outrage

Hello My Friends,

Today there was some really horrible news about the way that United Airlines treated one of its customers. In this video, we talk about some new vocabulary like spark, global, and outrage. Also, we look at some reactions of the Vietnamese people as well as some popular YouTubers like Philip DeFranco, PewDiePie, and Casey Neistat.

Let’s talk about the situation.

This happened because airlines usually “overbook” their flights so that they don’t lose money when people cancel last minute. However, because of this, if the plane is full, there will be too many people and some people will not be able to fly. In this situation the air plane staff usually ask someone to deplane (get off the plane), but since the passengers have paid for their tickets they don’t have to deplane if they don’t want to.

Unfortunately, in this situation, the local police were called aboard to forcefully remove some of the passengers. One of the passengers was attacked violently and forced to leave the air plane.

I hope this doesn’t happen in again. I will definitely never be riding with United Airlines again.

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