Funny Smite Gameplay: Release the Russian Kraken! [Learn English]

Hello My Friends!

Today my friend Rodion from Ukraine comes to join me for another fun game of Smite. This time, he teaches me some great Russian expressions like Ты умираешь (you die!) and we have some fun with some new English expressions.

KS (Kill Steal) – This is an expression that you hear very often in video games these days, especially ones where you are playing against other people in a PVP (player versus player) environment. In many games you get points for killing another player. However, if another player kills someone who you are about to kill, they get the points instead. In this situation you would be very angry because you were working hard to kill someone, and some guy steals it!

How do you like them apples? –  This is an expression that we explained in our last Learn English through Smite video. It is another way of saying “Look at this, I am better than you!”

To reck someone – This is a really interesting expression that you hear people say a lot in games these days. Of course the word “reck” comes from the English word “wreck” which means to destroy something. It has a similar meaning here, except in games to “reck someone” usually means to kill them.

Worth – This is a really funny expression that comes from the expression “worth it” which means that something has value if you do it. For example, if you study every day you will get an A+ on your test. This is “worth it.” However, in games people usually say “worth” if they die doing something that has a good effect. The best example of this is when someone kills someone else and then dies. After this, that person would say “worth,” or in other words, it was worth dying because at least I killed someone else too!

I hope you guys enjoyed these gaming expressions. Games are a really really good way to learn English because they are fun and give you a reason to be consistent with your English language learning! Like I’ve said before, I know a lot of people who have learned English very well almost only through games. If you want to join me for a game of Smite sometime let me know!


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