English Pronunciation Exercises: minimal pairs [h,/], hat/at, heart/art

Hello My Friends!

Are you practising your pronunciation every day for at least 5 minutes? Don’t forget that your mouth is full of muscles and needs exercise and stretching just like your body in order to work well!

The “h” sound in English may be easy for some ESL speakers, but for a lot of you it is extremely difficult. It is always strange for me when I see my French friends having a really difficult time with the “h” sound even though their English speaking ability is pretty good! In any case, pay close attention to my mouth and the sounds that I am making and try to copy it exactly.

Here are the words that we practised today:

heart/art, hate/ate, hat/at, hi/eye, hall/all.

And here are the phonetic transcriptions:


Remember to try to practise at least 5 minutes a day to improve your pronunciation!

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