Learn English Language through the Fast and the Furious 7 (2015)

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Are you ready for the “Fate of the Furious,” the 8th Fast and the Furious movie coming out soon? Today, we are talking about some of the important vocabulary from the movie. If you learn these, it will help you understand the next movie that is coming out! Make sure to check out the funny clips at the end of the video as well.

When you learn English vocabulary it is really important to review what you have learned. Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later! If you copy and paste this table into a word processing program like Microsoft Word you can print it and fold it in half to make kind of a flash-card thing for yourself!

They say if you wanna glimpse the future, just look behind you. I used to think that was bollucks. You can’t outrun the past. Bollucks = A British expression which means that something is not true, a lie.
Keep it under 9000RPMs
You know that’s not my style, I got to ride or die, right?
Not my style = not the way I usually do things. Not the way that I like.
Damn dog, girl’s still got that swing, homie Dog, homey = another word to call a close friend (usually male). Homey is short for “home-boy.”
I thought it was kind of funny. I guess now the joke’s on me. The joke is on me = I have unintentionally become the victim of my own joke.
The last arrest, it was too easy.
Ah, it’s okay, it gives me a chance to hit the iron.
Hit the iron = go to the gym, lift weights.
So you better start talkin’ before I break that finger 6 different ways and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Where the sun doesn’t shine = popular expression which means your butt/rear end/ass.
You just earned yourself a dance with the devil, boy. To dance with the devil = to do something dangerous.
You risk life and limb to save the free world and what do they give you? Jello? To risk life and limb = to take a large risk by doing something dangerous.
He also tried to put me in a bodybag, too.
I’m gonna put a hurt on him so bad he’s going to wish his momma had kept her legs closed.
To put a hurt on someone = to hurt or injure someone.
He’s going to wish his mom had kept her legs closed = he’s going to wish he wasn’t born.
There’s one more thing. It must have meant something to him. To mean something to someone = to be important to someone.
You should never have messed with a man’s family.
I told your brother the same thing.
To mess with someone/something = to deliberately make trouble or problems for someone/something
Belgian ale.
I’m more of a Corona-man, myself.
To be a something-man = to be a man who likes or prefers something. In this scene, he is showing that he prefers Corona beer more than Belgian beer.
Lady liberty’s got her panties in a bunch over this because this Ramsey has created something interesting.Say hello to god’s eye. Lady liberty = a nickname for America (because of the statue of liberty)
To have your panties in a bunch = To be anxious/worried/angry about something (particularly used for women).
It is impossible to hit it there.
See, that’s what makes it so sweet. It’s the place they least expect us to hit them from.
He’s onto something there.
To be onto something = to have a good idea.
Yah i’m good, I’m from the streets you know what I’m sayin’?
Hey Romy, you’re freaking out, ain’t you?
To freak out = to be scared, to be nervous/anxious.
Oh yah here we go, game time. Game time = time to begin/start
You good? Are you good? = are you okay?
I know enough. Alpha. Mrs. alpha.
Double alpha, man candy, you know what i’m sayin’?
Man, sit your candy-ass down.
Alpha = the boss of a group.
Candy ass = funny expression that means someone is lazy (also lazy ass).
Now that is a women that is worth falling out a plane for.
I got dibs on that, you see me looking at that.
I tried to call dibs on Ramsey 2 years ago.
To call/get dibs on someone/something = to claim something as yours. To tell other people that they can’t have something because you wanted it first.
Would you believe I knocked him out with my charm?
You’re not that charming, bitch.
To knock someone out with your charm = to use your words or physical body to attract someone.
This could really make some waves so let’s try to keep it as low key as possible. To keep something low key = to make something not easily noticed. To do something in a way that doesn’t get other people’s attention.
Time to unleash the beast. To unleash = to let something run free/wild. To release an animal into the wild.
Beast = a large creature/animal/machine
You have an interesting interpretation of “low key,” Mr. Toretto To keep something low key = to make something not easily noticed. To do something in a way that doesn’t get other people’s attention.
Sometimes you have to play the hand you’re dealt. To play the hand you are dealt = An expression from card games that means to do the best you can with your current situation (usually it is a bad situation).
I’m all for winging it, but this is crazy man. To wing something = to do something without a plan. To improvise.
Brian, are you okay?
Something’s about to go down. I need you to take Jack and move on, you understand what i’m sayin’?
No, I can’t do that Brian.
Something is going down = something is happening/going to happen.
To move on = to continue living after someone close to you dies.
I think someone is hacking the system.
It’s Ramsey, send in the predator, take her out.
To take someone out = to kill them.
What are you doing?
Going old school.
Old school = the way that people used to do something long ago.
Who’s going to save us?
Where are they now?
6 blocks east hauling ass.
To haul ass = to drive really really fast.
I can’t shake this thing. To shake something/someone = to make it so that something/someone can not follow you/stops following you.
Wait, what happened!?
Sir, someone just double tapped our drone.
To double tap someone/something = to kill someone/something by shooting it in the head twice to make sure it is dead.
Hey, did you bring the cavalry?
Woman, I am the cavalry.
Cavalry = soldiers who ride horses and are known for being able to go help and fight in different areas quickly because of their speed.

After you have finished studying all of these vocabulary make sure that you watch the original movie! Then you can try all of the new words that you have learned and try to understand them in the full context of the movie.

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