English Shadowing Practice with Sean Connery/James Bond: Improving Pronunciation and Fluency!

Hello My Friends!

My name is Bond, James Bond, and I will teach you how to pronounce things with a funny British/American/Scottish accent! Hahah~ Today we are doing some more English shadowing practice with Sean Connery in the FIRST James Bond movie EVER: Doctor No (1962). This movie has some great pronunciation challenges for everyone, even native English speakers!

Do you think you can copy Sean Connery’s accent better than I can? Take a video of yourself trying and send it to me!


Sean Connery’s James Bond accent is quite difficult to shadow, as you can see in this video. The problem is that Sean Connery is Scottish, but the character James Bond is supposed to be British, and the directors/producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli were American and requested that Connery “make his Scottish accent a little lighter.

As a result, his accent in this movie is neither Scottish, nor British, nor American, and in many cases all three English accents are mixed together in one single word! So, this movie is not ideal as a model of perfect English pronunciation. HOWEVER, because of the widely varying accents it is a great way to stretch your mouth muscles and really explore all of the sounds of English!

Some fun little known facts about this movie:

-Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman cast Sean Connery because he was graceful, but at the same time he was very tough-looking and manly!

-When James Bond sings the song “underneath the Mango tree” it is the first and last time that a James Bond ever sung in any of the movies! It is a really catchy song though, and as you can see, even I tried to sing it!


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