Funny Smite Gameplay: Rodion Goes Ham! [Learn English]

Hello My Friends!

Today one of my wonderful supportive subscribers from Ukraine named Rodion joins Jong and I for some games of Smite! We had a lot of fun and talked about some interesting things while learning some great English words to use while playing games! If you want to join us for some games send me an e-mail 🙂

Today we discussed about a few major things: gaming expressions and teacher speak.

First of all, today we talked a bit about “going ham” and the expression “how do you like them apples?

To go ham = this expression is often used these days by both gamers and people in real life and it means “to go crazy.” We often use it when we are talking about how people are going crazy (particularly when they are doing something with a lot more energy than usual).

How do you like them apples? or how about them apples? = This is a common English expression that has been used quite often over the past 50 years and it means “I am better than you” or “I am beating you, how do you feel?” It is a very strange expression, but I have heard from my grandfather and other older people that this expression came from World War 1 as hand-grenades (a kind of thrown bomb) were sometimes thought of as apples because of their shape!

As you can see from this picture, this grenade really looks like an apple! Apparently, during World War 1, when the British throw these grenades at the enemies they would they “get a load of these apples!” or “I hope they like these apples.” Of course, this is just from hearsay and I’m not sure if this story is true, but it makes a lot of sense!

In any case, if you want to join us for some games of Smite and some English discussion send me an e-mail and we can try to coordinate something!



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