Live Intermediate English Class with Adam [S1-E17] Land of the Lost and Primitive Life

Hello My Friends!

These days technology is advancing so quickly that many things are quickly becoming primitive. Some people think it’s primitive to use phone’s with cords and send messages by traditional mail! Today, we will talk about some great new vocabulary like introduce, pledge, primitive, proclaim, and tremor. Also, we will be learning about the relationship between prepositions and the ‘ing’ form of verbs. Don’t miss out on our live discussion too to practice your English!

Here are some exercises for you guys to practice the vocabulary and grammar with! The answers are written at the bottom of the page.


Exercise 1: Vocabulary Word Replacing (Don’t forget to change the word to match the grammar like past/present continuous etc.)

Replace the red word with one of today’s vocabulary: introduce, pledge, primitive, proclaim, tremor.

1. Did you feel the ground shake just now?

2. Let me show you my best friend.

3. I promised her that I would protect her forever.

4. Some people collect old and obselete things from long ago.

5. Liberace never said in public that he was gay, but most people knew.


Exercise 2: Grammar: 

Special situations where we use the ‘ing’ form with prepositions

Insert the correct prepositions (for, about, on, in, of) in the blank spaces

Example) Thank you ____ inviting me to your party -> Thank you for inviting me to your party.


1. He was scared _____ fighting me.

2. Thinking _____ your safety is important!

3. Are you interested _____ going camping with me?

4. I plan _____ travelling around the world next year.

5. I believe ______ playing games without cheating.

6. I am working ______ my school project today.

7. Forks and knives are ______ eating.

8. Who are you talking ______?

9. I am tired ______ eating the same food every day.

10. Those tools are ______ building houses.


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1. tremor, 2. introduce, 3. pledge to, 4. primitive, 5. proclaimed.


1. of

2. about

3. in

4. on

5. in

6. on

7. for

8. about

9. of

10. for