Live Intermediate English Class with Adam [S1-E11] Super Hero or Super Zero with Hancock

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If you had super powers would you try to be a hero, or would you you rather be a zero (nobody important). Today we are looking at the movie Hancock where one man who has super powers chooses to be a super zero and is hated by a lot of people! We will talk about some great new IELTS/TOEFL vocabulary like ascend, soar, monstrous, revive, and ridicule. AND, we will continue talking about how to do comparative and superlative grammar in English. Don’t forget to join us for a fun discussion at the end about how you will use your superpower!

Here are some exercises for you guys to practice the vocabulary and grammar with! The answers are written at the bottom of the page.



Exercise 1: Vocabulary Word Replacing

Replace the red word with one of today’s vocabulary: ascend, soar, monstrous, ridicule, revive.

1. If people say bad things about you, just walk away.

2. Did you see that huge truck, it was carrying a whole house!

3. If you put helium in a balloon it will rise up in the air.

4. These days, classic rock and roll music is being brought back to life by the young generation.

5. Superman often flew high over New York City to find bad guys.


Exercise 2: Fill the Correct Grammar in the Blank Space

1. “of” vs. “in” (Remember, “in” works in almost every situation “of” does, but “ofonly works before plural nouns)

a. All of these kittens were just born, and that kitten is the smallest one __ the litter.
b. The violin section of the orchestra is big, but she is the most talented violinist __ the group
c. Vancouver is the rainiest city ___ Canada.
d. There are many different colors in the rainbow, but purple is the darkest __ them all.
e. Death valley is the hottest place __ the world.

2. “the” and omittedthe” before superlatives.

a. This is ___ best cheeseburger i’ve ever tasted.
b. Of all the presidents of the United States, Donald Trump is __ worst.
c. She is __ greatest singer in the world.
d. If you want to reach the professor, calling him by phone is __ best.
e. I have ridden public transportation all over the world, but Japan’s is by far __ best.


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Vocabulary – 1. ridicule, 2. monstrous, 3. ascend, 4. revived, 5. soared.

Grammar – 1. a. of/in, b. of/in, c. in, d. of/in, e. of, in.

2. a. the, b. the or omit, c. the, d. the or omit, e. the.

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