Fixing Lee Byung Hun’s English 이병헌 영어 고치기 [Korean]

Hello My Friends!

오늘 제가 이병헌 영어 배우의 영어 실력에 대해서 이야기를 했어요! 이병헌형이 보실 수 있도록 공유를 많이 해주세요!

Today we are fixing the English of the famous Korean actor Lee Byung Hun with one of his latest interviews on his role in Terminator: Genisys. He makes many simple mistakes like forgetting past tense, not using plural when he should use plural, forgetting or misusing prepositions, bad pronunciation and many more. Hopefully he will watch this video so that he can improve his English for future movies.

Let’s see if we can share this video until he actually sees it!

I will be putting in subtitles for this today or tomorrow so come back tomorrow if you don’t speak Korean to watch this 🙂

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