West Edmonton Mall Multi Play Pass, Coupons, Fun Money-Related English Expressions and More!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, that is a long title we have today! But, we also have a super exciting video for you all to watch! I went on Holiday last weekend to the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, because I didn’t have much time because work at the Language Arts Institute is so busy these days. Another reason I chose to go to the West Edmonton Mall, besides the mall being close, is that many of my TOEFL and IELTS students who are mostly university students in their twenties were asking me how to have convenient and cheap vacations in Canada.

In retrospect, it was a great idea to come to the West Edmonton Mall. In total, including entertainment and shopping at the mall, transportation and hotel (we stayed at the Travelodge in West Edmonton and it was only around $90 a night for a great stay!) we were able to do the entire trip for just under $400 each for two of us for 3 days. This is amazing when you consider that we actually saved nearly $500 in discounts and we did a lot of really fun stuff.

First, let me highlight the expressions we talked about today:

Stretching every dollar, pinching every penny, being thrifty:

All of these expressions mean to try to use each dollar as effectively as possible. Usually this means to try to get discounts or buy less expensive/higher quality things that will last longer.

We also mentioned the word “replica” which means something that is a copy or duplicate of something. Sometimes replicas as the same size as the original person/thing, but sometimes they are the same except smaller in size.

I want to mention something that to me was really important. First off, I’ve been to many many amusement parks and water parks all over the world. I am in love with water parks and I’ve actually travelled to some places like Taiwan just to go to water parks and hot springs! At the West Edmonton Mall not only do they have all of the newest and best water slides and rides from around the world, THERE IS NO LINE!!!! I cannot emphasise this enough! I’m used to waiting 2-3 hours for EACH RIDE. But, again, THERE WAS NO LINE… I literally just walked up to each ride and… went. It was really really awesome. I heard that winter-time is especially good for going to the water park and amusement part because everyone is too busy shopping to go so you don’t have to wait in line. The amusement park was the same. The West Edmonton Mall has the largest indoor roller coaster in the world and they had no line!

In any case, I would definitely recommend my students and everyone else to go check out the West Edmonton Mall. Don’t forget to get your Multi Play Passes and Coupon Books to make the best of your vacation and save your hard-earned dollars!

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