IELTS/TOEFL Vocabulary Builder: alert, budge, companion, jostle, retire

Happy New Years Everyone!

Here are some more vocabulary to get your 2017 started! We have some fun clips from some great movies to help you understand these words. Also, we look a little more closely at the origins of some words which are really interesting. For example, did you know that the word “companion” which means “to spend a lot of time with someone and/or travel with someone” comes from the latin words meaning “together and bread,” or in other words eating bread together with someone? These kinds of things make it much easier to learn English!


Here are the vocabulary we covered: alert, budge, companion, jostle, retire.


Noun: To be watchful for possible danger.

Don’t go outside, there is a tornado alert.

Verb: To warn someone/let someone know about some danger or problem.

I alerted him about the dangers of smoking.

Adjective: Able to think quickly and notice possible danger.

I’m happy that we have an alert guide to take us up Mount Everest.


Verb: To make or cause the slightest movement.

No matter how much I try to push this big rock it won’t budge!


Noun: A person or animal with whom you spend a lot of time with or travel with.

Usually I travel alone without a companion.


verb: To push, bump against, and/or elbow someone, usually in a crowd/group of people.

I was jostled around a lot at the rock concert I went to last night.


verb: To leave your job, stop working, or withdraw from somewhere.

This usually happens at a certain later age. I want to retire when I am 40 years old.

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