IELTS/TOEFL Vocabulary Builder: accustom, assign, burly, compatible, distract

Hello Everyone!

I am super excited because today we are starting our new vocabulary building video series for people who are preparing for their IELTS/TOEFL exams! We are trying to make the vocabulary easier to remember by giving good examples and even showing instances of the vocabulary being used in real movies!


this week we talked about the words:

accustom, assign, burly, compatible, distract


Verb: To make familiar.

I am accustoming my eyes to my new contact lenses.

Adjective (accustomed):

1. Usual

Every day I park in my accustomed spot.

2. Used to

It takes a while for international students to become accustomed to Vancouver’s rainy weather.


Verb: 1. To select for a position or what has to be done.

The boss assigned John as the project leader.

2. To give out, as a piece of work to be done.

My teacher assigned 2 books for reading homework to us today!

Noun (assignment): Whatever is given out as work to be done.

Did you finish your math assignment? it’s due today!


Adjective: 1. Big and strongly built. To have a big and strong body.

Many rugby players are very burly.


Adjective: 1. Getting along well together.

Sonia and Finn are a very compatible couple.

2. fit/come together without a problem.

Nintendo Wii games are not compatible with the Playstation 4 system.


Verb: To draw one’s thoughts or attention away from the subject at hand.

The soccer player missed his shot because the loud fans distracted him.

Noun (Distraction): Something that draws one’s thoughts or attention away.

TV and YouTube videos can be big distractions when you are studying.


Alright. I hope today’s video can help you memorize some more vocabulary to get ready for your IELTS/TOEFL tests!

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