How to Cook Canadian Food on a Tight Budget: Salmon Cream Cheese Bagels

Hello everyone!

Today we are cooking… well sort of! Today we made smoked chum salmon tips and cream cheese on bagels. I made this video because I know that a lot of students who travel overseas (Including myself when I did that for over 10 years) have trouble knowing what local people eat. Furthermore, a lot of students don’t have a lot of money, so it is hard to find delicious food that is also not expensive!

In this video we explain about the vocabularies spread and smear and talk about some of the different preparations of salmon!



-At least 1 bagel

-Cream cheese (preferably one that is not flavoured)

– 150 grams smoked Chum Salmon tips



All you need to do is cut and toast the bagels, spread the cream cheese on top, then put on the smoked salmon followed by the capers.

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