IELTS/TOEFL Vocabulary Builder featuring AdVenture Capital: capital, invest, quota, profit, salary

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Many of my students have been requesting vocabulary videos that focus on some special study area like finance, science etc. So, today I made a video on finance through a game called AdVenture Capitalist. It is pretty fun and a good learning experience if you are interested in financial-related English. Here is the video.


And here is a description of the vocabulary:


Noun: Valuable resources in the form of money or things, also known as assets.

South Korea is rich with human capital.

Noun (Capitalism): A system where a country’s trade and industry are owned privately, not by the government.

The American economy is driven by capitalism.

Noun (Capitalist): Someone who invests capital to make a profit.

Warren Buffett is a famous capitalist.



Verb: To spend time or money with the expectation to receive some capital gains or profit.

I invested $100.00 in Google 10 years ago and now i’ve made $100,000 in profits!

Noun (Investor): Someone who spends capital with the expectation of receiving capital gains or profit.

I gave the money I saved to an investor to invest it for me in the stock market.

Noun (Investment): A thing that is worth buying because it will increase in value in the future.

Right now solar energy is a great investment.



Noun: 1. A limited or fixed amount of people/things.

Canada’s yearly immigration quota is 280,000 people.

2. A person’s share of what has to be done.

In my charity club I need to meet my quota and donate at least 10 cans of food.



Verb: To get or obtain a financial benefit.

I profited a lot from my electric car investment.

Noun: A financial gain or benefit.

Investors receive a share of a company’s profits.



Verb: To pay someone in return for their work or labour

I salary my employees twice a month.

Noun: A regular payment (in return for work or labour)

The salary of a lawyer is much higher than that of a construction worker.


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