F*%K! How to Use the F-Word through South Park

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First of all… WARNING, THE CONTENTS OF THIS ARTICLE MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. If you are not 18, please DO NOT read this. Also, if you do not like dirty words/things please do not read this article. If you are still okay after reading this, continue reading.


I always hear my friends and students say “when you learn a foreign language, you should always start with the bad/dirty words.” While I personally don’t like to use bad words (often, haha) in any of the languages I speak in, it is true that you should know about the slang/bad words of the language you are learning. The biggest reason is that no matter how dirty or horrible it sounds, it is still an essential part of language and culture. In particular, something you might notice about Western culture is that there is a lot of dirty/sexual humour, and you can see that in the kind of bad words we use. If you avoid these words, you won’t be able to understand a lot of the culture.

Today we are looking at what some linguists call is the most amazing word in the English language, and one of the most versatile words in the world. We are talking about the word “fuck.” Through today’s video you can learn not only about the many uses of this word, but you can also enjoy one of the best resources to learn bad words: South Park!

Vocabulary and Expressions for South Park
Term or Expression Definition
As they are attacked by the wicked Drow Elves of Lemian. Wicked = bad, evil.
For a thousand years the battle has been waged. Wage = To do/undertake something. This meaning of wage is usually used when talking about waging wars and battles.
But the tides of war soon change. The tides of something = the direction that something is going/progressing. This vocabulary is  also often used for war and battles.
… and use him, to take the sacred relic from human hands. Sacred = important, connected with god, important for some religious reason.Relic = old object
Hey champ, how do you like your new room? Champ = short form of the word champion. Fathers often use this to their sons.
I banish thee to the forest realm. Banish = To send someone far away forever. This is usually a punishment for something, and people are often banished from their countries.Thee = old English word for you.
You can’t hold out much longer. Hold out = phrasal verb that means to resist/withstand/put up with/wait for something. In this situation, once Butters cannot hold out any longer, he will lose the fight.
Hey no fair, that’s cheating. No fair = children’s way of saying that something is not fair.
All hail the grand wizard. Hail = to greet, say hello, worship, treat someone as if they are important.
Your coming was foretold by Coldwell banker. Foretell (past tense foretold) = to predict the future. Coldwell Banker is a real estate company, so the joke is that he saw the house for sale sign and knew that someone was coming.
But the time for talk is not nigh. Nigh = old English word for “near.” He is actually using this word incorrectly. The kids are pretending to be in an old English Lord of the Rings kind of game so they are using this kind of language.
Our weapons shop here is tended to by Clyde. Tend (past tense tended) = to take care of something.
Scott Malkinson, who has the power of diabetes. Diabetes = a blood sugar related disease. The joke is that it isn’t really a super power, it Is just a sickness.
And here, of course, is the breathtaking and lovely Princess Kenny. The fairest maiden in all the kingdom. Breathtaking = amazingly beautiful.Fair = kind and beautiful woman.
Don’t ask why Kenny wanted to be a chick it’s just how he seems to be rolling right now. Chick = beautiful girl.To roll (some way) = to live in some way. Example) Sorry, I’m not gay. I don’t roll that way.
 Please tell us thy name. Thy = old English word for your.
You entered douchebag, is that correct? Douchebag = annoying, horrible person. The original meaning is a liquid used to wet a woman’s vagina, but this word is used more commonly as an insult.
A fighter has courage, honor, and the ability to kick fucking ass. To kick ass = to beat someone in a fight. To overpower someone and win.Fucking = in this situation, fucking is an emphatic and makes the kick ass vocabulary stronger.
You look sneaky enough to be a thief. Sneaky = the ability to do things (usually bad things like stealing) secretly and/or quietly.
Welcome to the KKK douchebag the jew. KKK = in this game this means Kingdom of Koopa Keep. But, the joke here is that it looks like the acronym for the Koo Klux Klan which is a group of super racist and violent extremists.
Who can probably also handle our finances. This is a joke because I chose the Jew class, and the stereotype about Jewish people is that they can manage money very well.
With the bravery of a noble knight, beat up Clyde. Beat up = phrasal verb which means to fight with someone and win while hurting the other person badly.
I know it’s lame Clyde, but that’s how we’re fucking doing it. Lame = not cool, not fun.Fucking = in this case, fucking is an adverb but it is being used as an emphatic to make the verb (doing) stronger.
Oh hell yah. Clyde’s your bitch. Someone is someone’s bitch = someone is someone’s slave, low level helper, weak person. To say someone is your bitch means that you are better than them.
Fucking nice bra. Fucking = Here, fucking is again an emphatic which makes the adjective (nice) stronger.Bra = another way of saying bro or brother.
IF you have a fucking better name for them then fucking say it Clyde! Fucking Asshole. 1. Fucking = emphatic.2. Fucking = command. He is commanding/pressuring/daring Clyde to say it.

3. Fucking = emphatic. Fucking Asshole is very strong and shows your dislike for someone.

Make Clyde pay for insulting the king. To make someone pay for something = to punish someone or get revenge on someone for something they did.
To prove yourself worthy. To prove yourself worthy = to show that you deserve to do/receive something.
Fuck you, Drow Elf. Fuck you = this is said to show that you dislike someone a lot. This is similar in meaning to saying you douchebag, ass hole, bastard, cunt, fucker, shit etc.
Well, if this job doesn’t work, at least you’re got a future as a training dummy. Training dummy = an object (usually human shaped) that is used to practice some fighting skills on and hit.
Look at your enemy on the ground, weak and helpless. Kick the shit out of him. To kick the shit out of someone = to kick someone’s ass. To beat someone up. To fight someone and win.
Kick their asses new kid, I got your back. I got your back/To have someone’s back = to protect someone, to save someone.
You got this, douchebag. I got something/to have something = to be able to do something.
Look at that archer, hiding behind his friend like a wuss. Wuss = someone who is scared easily, sissy, pussy, scaredy cat.
Yah bitch. That’s what you get for fucking with the wizard king. To fuck with someone = to mess with someone, to make trouble for someone, to challenge and/or fight with someone.
Drow Elves, fall back, fall back I say. To fall back = phrasal verb meaning to run away, give up, or surrender.
That was your one goddam job Clyde, to guard the stick of fucking truth! Stick of fucking truth = this fucking is another emphatic. Sometimes fucking is used in this way for objects/things/people. Example) Harry fucking Potter, the European fucking union, the north fucking star.


Fuck is an amazing word and has been described by some linguists as one of the most versatile words in the world. It can be used as a verb, adverb, adjective, command, interjection, noun, prefix, suffix, and the ONLY known infix in the English language.

Fuck has four main meanings: sex-related, showing dislike for something, emphasis, and making/being in trouble. We will refer to these four as sex, dislike, emphasis and trouble in this explanation.

  1. Fuck as a verb: John fucked Mary.

a. (sex) To have sex with someone, usually by sticking something in a hole.

b. (trouble) To make problems/trouble for someone.

a. This means that John stuck something in one of Mary’s holes.

b. This means that John made some trouble for Mary or tricked Mary.


2. Fuck as an adverb: You have to be fucking kidding me.

a. (emphasis) to make a verb stronger and more emphasized. To show surprise or disbelief.

b. (dislike) to show that you are not happy or dislike the verb action.

a. This emphasizes the fact that you are surprised and didn’t know that something was going to happen.

b. This shows how much you dislike the verb and the situation that is being talked about.


3. Fuck as an adjective: John is a fucking idiot.

a. (dislike) showing that you really dislike the noun that this is describing.

a. Not only is John an idiot, but he is also annoying, a horrible person, someone you dislike.


4. Fuck as a command: John, fuck Mary!

a. (sex) to command someone to have sex with someone, usually by sticking something in a hole.

b. (trouble) to command someone to make trouble/problems for someone else.

a. Someone commands John to fuck Mary.

b. Someone commands John to make trouble/problems for Mary.


5. Fuck as interjection: Fuck, I forgot Mary’s birthday.

a. (dislike) You realize or learn something that is not good.

a. Oh no, oh my god, I forgot to buy Mary a present.


6. Noun 1: That dirty fuck stole Mary’s money.

a. (dislike) to describe a person who is annoying, horrible, and someone you dislike.

a. Some really bad person stole Mary’s money.

Noun 2: Mary is a good fuck.

a. (sex) a person to have sex with.

a. Mary is a good person to have sex with (also known as a good lay).


7. Fuck as an infix: Am I beautiful? Abso-fucking-lutely.

a. (emphasis) This makes the word that it is infixing stronger and more emphasized.

a. This means that I am really really beautiful.


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