Learn English Language through Pitch Perfect

Hello everyone!

We are so happy to have finally made and released our first video in this series. These videos are so important because they give English language learners the opportunity to learn genuine and practical English words and expressions and have fun while they are doing it!

These videos are being made for two types of English language learners:

1. Those who have studied textbook English hard, but are having trouble understanding cultural references and nuanced English
2. Those who are tired of studying the same way every day, but still want to boost their vocabulary and English language ability through daily practice.

Here is the vocabulary/expression list that you can print off at home and use as a study guide as you watch the video. After watching our English learning video, try to watch the original video (in this case Pitch Perfect) and see if you can use what you learned to understand!

Pitch Perfect Vocabulary and Expression List
Term or expression Definition
Please don’t stop the music Negative imperative request:
These Barden University Treblemakers always thrill the judges and the ladies in the room To thrill someone is to make them excited and/or happy
Your breath smells like egg, like all the time Like is a typical teenage girl filler word, also occasionally used by men, like, you know, like, it’s like awesome?
Has your Dad ever told you to shut up Present perfect + ever = great way to ask about someone’s experience, even if it’s in a mean way like this one!
Man-splits Man splits is the act of a man doing the splits, or bending both legs up perpendicular to the upper body
His pain is our gain, Gayle From the expression “no pain, no gain,” which means you must suffer in order to accomplish something. This expression dates back to the second century in 5:21 of the Hebrew writing the Ethics of the Fathers.
Sisters before misters This is a play on the expression “bro’s before ho’s” which means you should stand up for your male friends before siding with a female friend.
Why do you think it has taken so long for an all-lady group to break through that a cappella glass ceiling? Glass ceiling refers to the invisible wall that stops women from moving up in the society—also known as upward social mobility
She had a week’s worth of lunch and lost it To lose your lunch = to throw up, to vomit, to blow chunks, to hurl
I got it Don’t worry, I can take care of this- doesn’t literally mean you have ‘got’ something.
You must be Kimmy Jin When you meet someone who have heard about and are verifying who they are
You must be Jessy. You must be kidding… wow! Another way of saying “you have got to be kidding/joking” which means “oh my god” or “this is hard to believe.”
Look, just so you know, I’m not a total nerd Nerd is a (sometimes negative) term which describes someone who is really obsessed with some kind of sub-culture like computers, games, anime etc.
I also happen to be super into close-up magic To be ‘into’ something means you are interested in it
How is the step-monster? A negative play on the word “step-mother”
I need to get a job at a record label and start paying my dues Means to earn your place in society by working hard
You’re going to get a college education first, for free, I might add.  End of story. I might add is when you want to add an extra point to your conversation to emphasize something, sometimes sarcastically.
End of story means that the conversation is over, and the other person may not change the situation even if they would like to. This is often said by parents to children, but not always.
There’s only one group on this campus worth joining. “Worth + verb + ing” usually expresses something that is ‘good to do’ or has some value-reward if you do it.
I will stop at nothing to take those dingalings down. “To stop at nothing to verb” means you will do anything to accomplish something… in this case, take someone down/take someone out/destroy someone.
Dingaling is a soft word meaning idiot or moron.
Now that you puked your way to the bottom you might actually consider me? Usually we say to “fight your way to the top” or “win your way to the top,” which means to do something to become the best, but in this case, the worst. Puking is another term for throwing up or vomiting.
So that twig-bitches like you don’t do it behind my back Twig is a small thin stick, and a bitch is a mean girl, so she is saying thin mean girls like you.
To do something, in this case talk, behind someone’s back, means to talk about someone when they are not around.
She looks a little too alternative for us. She is referring to alternative as in either alternative rock, a minor popular music trend in the 90’s and 2000’s that consisted of Goth Rock, Indie Rock, Grunge etc. where a lot of dark and depressing themes were used as the basis for songs.
This is like a thing now. A “thing” here means “something people do nowadays.”
Totes Short for totally
Acca-scuse me? A running joke in this series- adding ‘a cca’ from ‘a cappella’ to the front of another word to forcefully emphasize the fact that this movie is about a cappella.
What a nerd alert Something + alert means when you want to direct everyone’s attention around you to a certain fact/thing that you have observed.
That song is my jam This is one of/is my favourite song(s). Jam is a term for song or music and started in the mid-70s and is still used today. Another usage is ‘let’s jam’ which means ‘let’s play music.’
If I could sing a lick in any human way possible I would, but I can’t, and I hate myself every day because of it. “A lick of” means “a small amount” or a “little bit” and has been used in English since the early 1600’s.
Hey Bellas. Remember when you tried to play in the big leagues and you choked? The big leagues means when you try to do something at a higher level.
To choke means to make a mistake or have an accident, usually due to nervousness or lack of confidence, while you are trying to do something (usually in front of people)
Crushed it To succeed at something, to do something well.
Look who’s in treble A pun of the phrase “look who’s in trouble” using the name of the band which is itself a pun, the “Treblemakers.”
Living the dream Doing what you really want to do
This ginger needs her jiggle juice Ginger is a term (occasionally negative) describing someone who has natural red hair.
Jiggle juice is one of many slang words for alcohol, but here is referring particularly to something that will help her in jiggling (shaking, bouncing) her butt or other various parts of her body.
Eh, they kept it tight A slang expression meaning cool, organized, and neat.
Because we don’t stray from tradition To stray from something means to move away from. They don’t stop singing the songs they usually sing.
I’m calling it Short for ‘calling it a day’ which means to stop something. She is stopping the day’s practice.
We have a gig next week Gig means a musical performance
I wanted the hot Bellas, not this barnyard explosion Hot = attractive, beautiful
Barn yard explosion: He is saying that the girls are as ugly as farm animals in a barn (animal house) yard (area where the animals spend time)
You should probably lay off the burgers To lay off something = to stop doing/having something
What’s up weirdo? Weirdo = A way to call a strange person
Riff-off Riff = a short musical phrase. Riff-off is a variation of a face-off where typically two players compete against each other.
You have a habit of making yourself at home, did you know that? To make yourself at home = to behave like you are comfortable at home at another place (usually somebody else’s place)
Have I made myself clear? Crystal. Crystal clear = expression that means something is very clear, hard to misunderstand.
I’m gonna have to excuse myself to freshen up the downtown Downtown = just like most references like “down stairs” or “down there” this is talking about a man or woman’s genitalia.
Defending their crown ladies and gentlemen, the Barden University Treblemakers Defending their crown/defending their title = to continue winning regularly, or to stay on top in a competition.
Thanks for bailing me out To pay the fee for someone to get out of prison/to help someone who is in a bad situation.
Really? I did not have you pegged as an a cappella girl. To have someone pegged as something = to think someone was something
You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave Pitch slapped = a musical variation (of course, because this is a music movie) of the term bitch slap which is when you slap someone hard to show your disrespect for them.
Man boobs = the chest area of a man.
Unfortunately Barden’s other group the Bellas do not advance and senior Aubrey Posin loses her chance to redeem herself after last year’s puke-gate Puke-gate is a variation of the ‘water-gate’ scandal that occurred in the 70’s when Nixon was President of the United States, which is typically used to represent a horrible failure/massive mistake in Western popular culture.
Chloe, could you please get your head out of your ass? It’s not a hat This expression is from “get your head out of your ass” which originated from “get your head out of the clouds.” This means stop being unrealistic.
You just shut me out. Yah, I shut everybody out To shut someone out = to not talk to or show your feelings to someone, particularly when you are angry or upset.
What I did was a real dick move and I shouldn’t have changed the set without asking you guys A (real) dick move = an action that is not nice and/or hurts to others in some way. Real can be added her as an emphasizing adverb.
Dick = slang word for male genitalia that means “not nice.”
Lesbianest A pun of “let’s be honest.” Fat Amy is implying that Cynthia Rose is a lesbian.
John, these girls could turn me To turn someone = to change someone from straight to gay and vice versa.
With the assistance of my boy Justin. My liege My Liege = a way that you would usually address a lord or king.

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