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If you pee in a swimming pool does the colour of the water change? Is it really an old wives tale? The movie “Grown Ups” answers some of these questions for us!

Even though Grown Ups is a PG-13 “family comedy” movie, there was, of course, quite a lot of profanities ( words like f**k or s**t) and sexual jokes! While I don’t want to say this, this is a very good example of Western humour. If you watch almost any comedy movie or TV show, you will see many dirty jokes. I know that in many other countries this kind of humour isn’t mainstream (although in some countries it is), but it is what it is. In order to understand Western humour, I believe that ESL students (especially those from sexually conservative countries) need to keep an open mind. One thing that I found while I travelled around the world is that humour is a very good tool to connect with other people, but in order to laugh, it is important to know why people in a certain culture are laughing!

I hope that you can get a chance to watch the movie after you study up on these vocabulary and expressions!

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These videos are being made for two types of English language learners:

1. Those who have studied textbook English hard, but are having trouble understanding cultural references and nuanced English
2. Those who are tired of studying the same way every day, but still want to boost their vocabulary and English language ability through daily practice.


Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later!

Vocabulary and Expressions for Grown Ups 1
Vocabulary/Expressions Definitions
Here’s to coach Here’s to someone/something = a popular thing to say when you are celebrating someone or thanking someone while holding up your drink. This is also called “toasting to someone.”
I am the biggest agent in HollyWood and you just pissed me off To piss someone off = to make someone angry.
I’ll pull Julia Roberts from your movie, I don’t care To pull someone from something/somewhere = to take someone away/take someone out from something/somewhere
You better back down Back down = surrender, give up, lose in a fight/argument by choice, decide not to fight
Looks like it’s his time of the month again Time of the month = another way of saying a woman’s monthly period cycle. She is joking that he is like a woman because he is like a house wife. Although, these days house husbands are becoming more common.
I see that ass is still growing. You got a little Kardashian in there. Got a little Kardashian in there = He is joking that the other man’s butt is really big, like the famous television star Kim Kardashian who is famous for her large breasts and butt.
Oh, just playing Just playing = just kidding, I was just trying to fool you.
Oh, your wife’s into chicks Into = to be interested in, to likeChicks = chick is a word that means beautiful young woman, but it is sometimes considered to be rude. (This word is also in Twilight!)
Like if Elvis was an Oompa Loompa Oompa Loompa = short dwarf people in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is basically saying that the other guy looks like a short Elvis (the pop singer).
Aww grotie Grotie = a new English word for gross, disgusting, dirty, nasty.
That’s a nice hat, it brings out the death in the room To bring out the something in the something = to make something more noticeable, apparently, clear. Example) That shirt brings out the green in your eyes.
Mr. Big Shot agent Big shot = an important or influential person. When people say this about others it is sometimes sarcastic to show that they don’t respect his or her important status, or that the status is not earned.
And then one day he snaps and then it gets ugly in a hurry To snap = to suddenly change your mind, to suddenly get angry or change emotionsTo get ugly = to become bad or horrible. When a situation gets ugly it becomes really bad.
Looks like she didn’t get the memo To get the memo = expression that means to know something that everyone else knows. Example) Everybody seems to be wearing green today, I guess I didn’t get the memo.
That is some stone-age shiznitYah that’s whack Shiznit = new, and slightly less rude, way of saying “shit.” He is saying that the TV is old (stone-age) and bad (shiznit)Whack = a new English word (since the 90s) meaning strange, not usual
Can’t take it anymore Can’t take it anymore = I can’t stand this, I can’t sit through this, I can’t let this happen.
Let’s go sweetheart, let me show you how the pilgrims used to hang Pilgrims = people who traveled or wandered from hundreds of years ago. He is joking that himself and the other parents are as old as the pilgrims.Hang  = to hang out, to spend time
Hey Lenny, remember when we used to come here in high school late night after we got wasted? Wasted = when you drink too much alcohol and become very drunk.
Ooo, cookies and MILF MILF = acronym for Mother I’d Like to F**k. He is complimenting her by saying she is so beautiful that even though she is a mother he would like to have sex with her.
Common, just cut those into shorts, we’ll play some hoop later Play some hoop = play basketball
That was 4 years ago homie Homie = a friend from your neighborhood (home), a member of your gang. This expression is related to “home boy.” Sometimes it’s pronounced “homes” by Latino people.
Ahh, you got the new Foreman Foreman = the George Foreman Grill, an electric cooking grill advertised by the famous boxer, George Foreman.  He is joking that they are using the bug killer machine like a George Foreman grill.
I’m saving that incase I get mugged or someone cuts in front of me at burger king or something. To get mugged = to have your valuable things stolen from you, usually violently.To cut in front of someone = to move in front of someone in a line so that you don’t have to wait. This usually makes people in line angry.
95% of that has got to be from the mother, and I am low-balling To low-ball = to guess, estimate, or offer an amount (number) that is much lower than it should be.
Hoochi mama Hoochi mama = a girl or lady that dresses in clothing that reveals a lot of her naked body. This also sometimes means a woman who is very open and easy-going with sexual relationships.
I got lucky on Saint Patties day, but uhh, she was half asleep To get lucky = to have sex.Saint Patties day = Saint Patrick’s day, a day where you celebrate the death of Saint Patrick by drinking green beer and wearing green.
I am the champion, I beat all you pansies Pansy = someone who is scared like a little baby, scaredy cat. The original meaning of the word is a kind of flower, but these days it is only used to show fear.
You should know plenty about that, you were born during The Prohibition The Prohibition = A nation-wide ban on alcohol in the United States from 1920-1933. He is joking that she is really old and was probably born at that time.
Is that getting me horny? Horny = sexually excited. In the mood for sex.
For reals Mom? We’re not leaving? For real = really?
Ladies, how do we get Mr. Banana hammock to come over here? Banana hammock = a triangular-shaped swimsuit worn by men, a speedo, a literal hammock for a man’s banana.
Hose teasers Hose = another word for the male genitalia. This word is also often used in Canada.Teaser = to tease someone is to make them want something. In this case, the women were teasing his hose with their beauty.
Her definitely, because she’s fugly just like you Fugly = a new term in English which is a combination of f**king + ugly = fugly.
Are you making a sissy? Making a sissy = the word for “to pee” sometimes used around children. Adults don’t use this word often.
No no no that’s an old wives tale sweety Old wives tale = a rumor, myth, or legend that isn’t true. This is an old expression, and it is believed to have originated from a time when knowledge was passed from father to son, and from mother (old wife) to daughter.
Good thing the kid chickened out so you don’t have to go, right Fader? To chicken out = to be too scared to do something, to be scared and not do something.
Step aside chumps Chump = a stupid, easy to fool person.
Hasta la vista chicken shiznit Hasta la vista = Spanish for goodbye, this was made famous in movies by Arnold Schwartnegger in the Terminator movies.Chicken shiznit = Chicken sh*t is another word for pansy, or someone who is scared
Oh my god what a perv, he’s totally checking me out Perv = short for pervert. Someone who has a dirty mind and always thinks about sexual things.Checking someone out = Looking at someone’s body, usually without that someone knowing.
Maybe I flirted with him, but that was just to get your attention To flirt with someone = to do some action or say some things to make someone romantically/sexually interested in you.
Look, maybe I do take you for granted, and I’m sorry To take someone for granted = to use someone or receive something or some service from someone and not be thankful.
No it’s not alright, you’re not gonna weasel your way out of this one, Fader To weasel out of something = to get out of something/away from something without taking responsibility and with some cleverness/intelligence/cunning.
I know you’re bummed about losing the game for us To be bummed = to be sad, depressed.

Report Card Summary

Genuine Language Usage: Some comedy movies are not very good sources for genuine language. The problem, particularly in a movie like this which is written by a team of comedians, is that the writers spend more time trying to make jokes work than they do trying to make the dialogue seem genuine. Even so, this movie did manage to sneak in some good genuine English expressions and didn’t sacrifice too much for humour.

Educational Value: This movie has a lot of sexual humour which, as I mentioned above, is the main kind of humour used by Westerners from Canada and the United States. In addition to this, it introduces a lot of vocabulary used by the current young generation so that you can get a good idea of the direction that the English language is heading in. However, a lot of vocabulary it uses are also very outdated and unused… which were used mostly for humour.

Fun Factor: I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler because a lot of his movies are feel-good comedies. When you are an international student studying alone in a foreign country, it is always great to have a feel-good movie to watch when you are feeling lonely or stressed out!


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