Learn English Language through James Bond Casino Royale

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Do you like to play poker or visit casinos? Do you like James Bond and other spy movies? Do you like exciting action movies? Then this movie is perfect to teach you the vocabulary you need to do all of those things in English!

Casino Royale is an interesting James Bond movie because even though it is the 21st movie in the James Bond movie series, it is the story about the beginning of James Bond, when he first became a secret agent for MI6 (the British special intelligence agency). It shows the first (and some people say last) time that Bond ever loves a woman, and explains why he becomes so cold, heartless and emotionless for the rest of the series. It is also the first James Bond movie starring the actor Daniel Craig so it is a completely different kind of Bond than in the previous movies. Personally, my favourite Bond was Pierce Brosnan because he was so classy and cool.

After watching this video and studying the vocabulary, make sure to make the full movie so that you can review what you learned!


Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later!

 Vocabulary and Expressions for Casino Royale
Term or Expression Definition
If M was so sure I was bent, she’d have sent a double O. Bent = corrupt, crooked, doing things you are not supposed to do.
Holster the bloody weapon Carter, I need him alive. Holster = a place to hold a gun on your belt. As a verb, this means to put away your gun (in its holster).Bloody = British word for damn, freaking. Also in our Harry Potter video.
Weeping blood comes merely from a derangement of the tear duct, nothing sinister. Derangement = not regular, disorder, changed unusually.Sinister = evil, bad, shady.
In the old days if an agent did something that embarrassing he would have the good sense to defect. Defect = to abandon/leave/desert someone/something. Originally from the old Latin word “defectus” which means to desert or fail.
You’ve got a bloody cheek. Cheek = cheeky, which means to be rude and/or disobedient while having fun or being amused.
You stormed into an embassy. To storm into somewhere = to go somewhere (usually in or out of somewhere) while making a lot of noise or mess. People usually do this when they are angry.
No wonder he was in such a foul mood No wonder = it is no surprise.Foul = bad, awful, terrible, miserable.
Largest airplane in the world being unveiled today at the Miami Airport. To unveil = to reveal, to show something for the first time.
Quite the body count you’re stacking up Body count = an addition of people somewhere, alive or dead.
Does she know anything that could compromise you? Compromise = used in spy-related things this means that the secret activities or secret agent’s identity has been discovered and the situation has become dangerous. This word was also used in our Avengers video.
We’ll give him sanctuary in return for everything he knows. Sanctuary = a safe place. In this case, she means that she will give him a safe place to hide from the terrorists whose money he lost.
Vesper, I hope you gave your parents hell for that. To give someone hell = to be very angry with someone, to yell at someone. He is making fun of the name her parents gave her.
And now I’m assured our money is in good hands Someone/something is in good hands = someone/something is being well taken care of.
And now he knows something about you, he knows you’re reckless. Reckless = to act (usually foolishly) without thinking about what will happen after that (the results).
I’m afraid if you get into trouble here, the cavalry won’t be coming over the nearest hill. The cavalry will come = help will come. The original meaning of cavalry is soldiers who fight on horseback.
It’s tailoredI sized you up the moment we met To size someone up = to look at carefully/analyze someone and decide what/how you think about them. This is a joke, because she means literally she found his body size when she looked at him and ordered him a tailored suit.
Fold. Fold = in a game of poker, this means to quit or drop out of the current round (also known as a hand).
It was worth it, to discover his tell. Tell = in poker, an action, facial expression or thing that reveals if a player is lying (bluffing) about which cards he or she is holding.
The twitch he has to hide when he bluffs.Bluffs? To bluff = to lie and say/look like you have a much better set (hand) of cards than you actually do.
Maybe he can actually pull this off. To pull something off = to succeed at doing something. To win.
You lost because of your ego. Ego = A person’s feeling or sense of self-importance. To have an ego in this situation means that he thinks that he is too good, or too important. Example) too much ego can lead you to make mistakes.
Does it bother you, killing those people? To bother = to annoy, to make you feel bad or irritated. To be something you think about often (usually in a negative/bad way).
Will you yield in time? Yield = give up, give way, let someone else do what they want, let someone else go.In time = at the right time, before something happens ( in this case before he is too badly hurt).
Does this mean that you’re warming to me? Warming to/warming up to someone = starting to like someone. This is particularly used when you didn’t like that person at first, but start liking that person because of something.
I thought he had my back To have someone’s back = to protect/look after someone. Example) If you get into a fight, your friends have always got your back.
You do what I do for too long, then there won’t be any soul left to salvage. Soul = spirit, your conscience, your inner self.Salvage = rescue, to pick up something amongst other destroyed/damaged things. Example) We salvaged the treasure in the sunken ship.
And now we’ll never know who’s behind this. The trail has gone cold. To be behind something = to be the cause or reason that something happens, the planner.The trail has gone cold = There is no more evidence, the investigation cannot continue.

Report Card Summary:


Genuine Language Usage: For a typical spy movie, the language used in Casino Royale is quite genuine. The words that are used here are used in almost every movie in this genre. There were actually a few expressions that were also in our Avengers video (when they were talking about Black Widow, the spy) so that just shows how common these vocabulary are!

Educational Value: The James Bond series is one of the most famous movies in the spy/action genre, and the movies’ humour and word-play are quite valuable as it teaches ESL students double/triple meaning jokes in English. By double/triple meaning jokes, I mean jokes where the character says one thing, but it has multiple possible meanings.

Example) “I sized you up the moment we first met.”

This means both “to look at someone and judge/decide what kind of person they are” and “to measure someone’s body for clothing.” The joke here is that Esper (the female actress)  actually did both, but of course James Bond thought that she had only been “judging his personality.”

Fun Factor: I’m a huge fan of James Bond movies… in fact, I actually have the full set of movies from the very beginning up until the most recent. I really enjoy the humour, suspense, and action that these movies feature. It is also very cool how he travels all over the world and shows us some of the most amazing sights. I hope that you all enjoy this movie was much as I did!


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