Learn English Language through Jack Reacher

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Is everyone ready to watch the 2nd movie in the Jack Reacher series, “Jack Reacher, Never Go Back”? We usually explain a lot of cultural vocabulary and expressions in our videos, but for Jack Reacher, there are a lot of complex legal expressions that we also explained. Make sure to watch this video before you watch the new Jack Reacher movie so that you are prepared!


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These videos are being made for two types of English language learners:

1. Those who have studied textbook English hard, but are having trouble understanding cultural references and nuanced English
2. Those who are tired of studying the same way every day, but still want to boost their vocabulary and English language ability through daily practice.

Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later!If you have any questions or comments about the vocabulary please leave a comment and please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Vocabulary and Expressions for Jack Reacher
Term or Expression Definition
It’s life or death now, James After you do a crime:Life sentence = go to jail for life.

Death sentence = to be killed.

Whether you’re gonna walk like a man or cry like a pussy on your way to the deathhouse Pussy = slang word for female genitalia. As an adjective, this means someone who is scared.Death house = The building where prisoners who will be killed stay.
See, the DA (district attorney) likes the needle The needle = the injection used to kill prisoners for a death sentence.
And confess, right now Confess = admit that you did something.
Jack reacher, born jack, not john, no middle name, is a ghost Ghost = a person with no official records.
By all accounts, a brilliant investigator By all accounts = according to what I have read/heard.
His record is clean Record is clean = There is no criminal record. He has done no crimes.
I’ll tell you after deposition Deposition = giving evidence in a court that you swear is true.
Then sticking it to your father because… To stick it to someone = to punish or get revenge on someone who did something wrong/bad to you.
With every shot he’s taught to visualize the base of a man’s skull through his reticle Reticle = the crossed lines (cross-hairs) on the eyepiece on the scope or glass viewer that snipers use to shoot with.
The sweet spot where the medulla meets the spine Sweet spot = the perfect place/spot. Example) on a tennis racket the sweet spot is in the middle.
He’s put on over watch Over watch = a position that looks over or protects other soldiers from a distance.
I wanna see he gets a fair trial Fair trial = to be treated fairly in a court of law.
You’re asking me to look at a cold blooded killer Cold-blooded = to do something without emotion, to do something cruel or mean on purpose.
A man I know to be guilty, a man you want to keep off death row Death row = A group of prisoners who will be killed for their crimes
You’re not the only one with crack investigators, Helen Crack = excellent, very good at what they do. Example) That gunner is a crack shot
How can you vouch for his state of mind? To vouch for something/someone = to confirm, trust, and/or be able to encourage others to trust someone
So you were some real hot shit in the army huh? Hot shit = really good at something
Forest for the trees, detective Forest for the trees = An expression that means you look too much at the small details and don’t see the entire situation. Also known as: losing sight of the big picture (being objective).
I was set-up Set-up = a trick or plan to deceive/hurt someone or get someone in trouble.
There was this girl, she came onto me, picked the fight To come onto someone = to flirt with/pick up someone. This is the signal to show that you like someone on a romantic level.
She was thrown when I told her my name To be thrown by something = to be confused, to lose concentration.
Someone sent those boys to put me down To put someone down = to kill someone
He’s the classic loner, he didn’t even talk to his neighbors Loner = A person who doesn’t like to talk/communicate with other people. Someone who likes to be alone.
I’ll hitch a ride To hitch a ride = To get a ride somewhere with someone else. Similar to hitch hiking.
I’ve a warrant to search the premises Warrant = An official legal document that allows police or some other official group to arrest someone or search a building/place freely.
No camera, no trace evidence left behind, and his escape is assured Trace evidence = hair, fabric, rope or any things that help police find by DNA who did a violent crime.
Right next to their patsy Patsy = someone who is easily blamed for doing something that they didn’t do, someone who is taken advantage of.
Conspiracy Conspiracy = a secret plan by a small group of people to do something bad or unlawful.
It’s grassy knoll ludicrous Grassy knoll = famous place where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. She is using this to emphasize how extreme the conspiracy surrounding this case is.Ludicrous = ridiculous, silly, unbelievable
If you can believe someone can frame Barr you have to believe they can do the same to me To frame someone = to do something bad and make it look like someone else did it.
Now I guess all bets are off All bets are off = No one knows what will happen next.
I think one of them is in on it To be + in on something = To be involved in something. If someone “is in on something”  they are part of a secret plan to do something.
You’re a little rusty, Mr. Reacher Rusty = not able to do something well because you haven’t done it for a long time
Hell, the Camera’s there because one of these nuts is likely to kill me Nuts = crazy person
Because I’m in your blind spot, and I have nothing better to do. Blind spot = An area outside of your field of vision, a place that you cannot see easily.To have nothing better to do = I don’t have anything else that needs to be done, so I will do this.
I wouldn’t make a big thing of it To make a big thing of something = to make a big deal of something, to make something seem bigger or more important than it actually is
What about bringing the guy’s to justice?I just did To bring someone to justice = to make sure that someone is punished for doing a crime or a bad thing
I hear that you have an in with the local DA To have an in with something/someone = to have a special connection/special relationship that will help the current situation


Genuine Language Usage: This movies uses relatively genuine language. So much effort is made to make Tom Cruises character look “badass” and “cool” that some of the dialogues sound a little fake.


Educational Value: For people who are big fans of TV series like CSI or suits and thriller movies that talk a lot about crime and legal matters, this movie is quite valuable. A lot of the idioms and vocabulary used in this movie come up very often in these kinds of shows/movies.

Fun Factor: I really enjoy a good action movie where the main character just goes around and kicks a lot of butt, so this movie was quite fun for me. The story development wasn’t too bad and I enjoyed how everything wrapped up in the end.