Learn English Language through Guardians of the Galaxy

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Why do people in space movies always know so many strange things about Western culture!? Oh my god. Seriously, this movie had so many random references when there were jokes that it made me forget that the characters were all from space. I think I will try to do some more serious action/drama movies because the vocabulary used is a lot less complex and easier for ESL learners to understand.

Nevertheless, this movie was extremely popular around the world when it released, and it is always so much fun to watch.

I hope that you can get a chance to watch the movie after you study up on these vocabulary and expressions!

As always:

These videos are being made for two types of English language learners:

1. Those who have studied textbook English hard, but are having trouble understanding cultural references and nuanced English
2. Those who are tired of studying the same way every day, but still want to boost their vocabulary and English language ability through daily practice.



Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later!

Vocabulary and Expressions for Guardians of the Galaxy 1
Vocabulary/Expressions Definitions
They killed a little frog that ain’t done nothin.’ Smushed it with a stick. Ain’t done nothin’ = Southern Texan accent for “didn’t do anything.”Smushed = crushed/squashed.
You don’t look like a junker, you’re wearing ravager garb. Junker = someone who looks through garbage to find valuable things to sell.Ravager = a kind of pirate in the Guardians of the Galaxy Universe.

Garb = clothes.

Ninja Turtle you better stop poking me. Ninja Turtle = super-hero cartoon about human-sized turtles who fight crime. He is joking that the soldier looks like a Ninja Turtle.
Dude, chill out! Dude = a nick-name to call a (usually) male friend.Chill out = relax, take a break, calm down.
I was in the neighborhood, I thought I’d save you the hassle. In the neighborhood = near someone or something. He was in the neighborhood of the orb.Hassle = trouble, unnecessary extra work.
We’re ravagers, we got a code. Code = a way to live by, a set of rules that you follow in your life.
You have always been soft on him.You’re the only one I’m being soft on. To be soft on someone = to be gentle and kind to someone, particularly compared to the way you are with other people.
They call me terrorist, radical, zealot. Radical/zealot = someone who does extreme actions for political/religious or personal reasons.
Xandarians, what a bunch of losers. Loser = someone who is not cool, not popular, fool.
Walk by yourself you little gargoyle. Gargoyle = a scary and ugly statue of a human or animal, sometimes with wings, often placed on the corners of the roofs of old buildings to let water flow off.
What a class A pervert. Prevert = misspelling of “pervert” which means someone who always thinks about sexual things and has a very dirty mind.
My culture, is wiped from existence. To be wiped from existence = to be erased/destroyed, like one never existed at all.
You have the bearing of a man of honor. To have the bearing of something = to look like/to have the physical features of.
It’ll grow back you daft idiot, quit whining. Daft = British word for stupid/fool/idiot.Whine = to complain/show you dislike something while being annoying (usually with a high pitched voice).
Relax, pal. It’s cool to have a code name. It’s not that weird. Pal = friend, buddyCode name = a special name that you are called by. Usually in the military it is common to have a code name so that people don’t need to use your real name.
Prick. Prick = another word for the male genitalia. This has the same meaning as “dick.”
That’s been travelling recently as 89P13’s personal houseplant slash muscle. Slash = in this case they are using slash to mean this symbol /.Muscle = someone who is a bodyguard or uses physical strength and violence to help someone.
You’d be getting drawn and quartered by Yandu and those ravagers. Drawn and quartered = to kill someone to punish them. Traditionally, it meant to drag someone behind a horse until they are almost dead, then cut their body into 4 pieces (quarters 1/4).
So this orb has a real shiny blue suitcase arc of the convenant maltese falcon sort of vibe. Arc of the covenant = religious treasure chest that was deadly upon opening from Indiana Jones.Maltese falcon = treasure that brings danger and misfortune when you find it.

Vibe = feeling.

Anyone who’s anyone knows who you are. Anyone who’s anyone = anyone who is someone important or who matters.
What is wrong with giving tree here? Giving tree = an old popular children’s story about a tree that gives everything it has without asking for anything back, but in the end is rewarded for its patience.  It is a controversial story.
Let’s make something clear, this one here is our booty. Booty = belonging or treasure. This also means butt, which is part of the joke here because in prison, particularly in a male prison, sexual assaults on other prisoners’ butts is common.
I could care less whether you live or whether you die. Someone could care less if/whether something = someone doesn’t care what happens if/whether something happens.
Your demeanor is that of a pouty child. Demeanor = attitude, way of acting.Pouty = having a temper tantrum, showing one’s sadness, disappointment, displeasure by projecting your lips and crossing your arms (and sometimes refusing to move) like a child.
Leave it to me. Leave something to someone = to let someone do something/take care of something or someone/take responsibility for something or someone.
Creepy little beast. Creepy = scary, strange, ugly, weird.Beast = animal, usually used when talking about a large, sometimes violent, animal. This is a joke because he’s using it to a little raccoon.
You, man who has lain with an Laskavarian. Has lain = present perfect tense for lay, which means to have sex with someone.
Spare me your foul gaze, woman. Spare me = don’t include me in something/don’t do something to me.Foul = rotten, bad, dirty.

Gaze = to look at someone very closely/intently.

You’re an imbecile. Imbecile = idiot, fool, moron.
Yo, Ranger Rick, what are you doing? You can’t take apart my ship without asking me! Ranger Rick = a cartoon raccoon who is featured in a children’s magazine by the same name about nature and wildlife around the world.
Chop chop, our guests will be here soon. Chop chop = This means “do something faster.” Example) It’s your bed time now, chop chop go to bed!
Kevin Bacon, teaches an entire city full of people with sticks up their butts, that dancing is the greatest thing there is. To have a stick up your butt = to be too strict serious. To not like to have fun/have a good time. Emotionless, like a puppet.
And I am not some starry-eyed waif to succumb to your pelvic sorcery. Starry-eyed waif = starry-eyed means naïve (believes anything easily) and waif is a helpless person.Succumb = to be charmed or influenced to do something.

Pelvic = the area of the body between the waist and the legs.

Sorcery = magic.

Suck it up for one more lousy night and you’re rich. Suck it up = to put up with something, to withstand something.
None of this would have happened if you hadn’t tried to take on a frickin army. To take on = to fight with, to challenge someone.Frickin = a softer version of f**kin.
This is what we get for acting altruistically. Altruistic = to do something for the good of others without thinking about yourself, selfless.
To give a shit. To give a shit/damn/f**k = to care, to pay attention to, to take responsibility for something/someone.
A bunch of jackasses standing in a circle. Jackass = idiot, moron, stupid. The original meaning of this word is donkey, but it is not used much for that these days.
You cross me, we kill you all. To cross someone = to betray them.
He said he’s an a-hole, but he’s not 100 percent a dick. A-hole = short for ass-hole. This means a not nice, mean and awful person.Dick = another word for the male genitalia. This has a similar meaning with a-hole and means someone who is mean or not nice.
But you’ve got some business to attend to before the nooky nooky starts. Nooky nooky = having sex, making out (kissing and hugging with someone romantically).
Report Card Summary:

Genuine Language Usage: It’s really hard to say that the vocabulary in this movie is genuine. Each character had their own “dialect” which were actually just different dialects of English. If we ignore the fact that it is strange that Aliens from space are all speaking different dialects of English, the language usage could be considered “kind of genuine,” but not much.

Educational Value: This movie made a lot of references to popular Western culture… almost too many references. That being said, a lot of the references are common knowledge to most Western people like the “Giving Tree” and “Ranger Rick.” So, if your goal is to gain a deeper understanding of Western culture so that you can appreciate more of its humour and expressions, this movie is quite valuable.

Fun Factor: I’ve seen this movie quite a few times now due to its popularity, and I have to say, no matter how many times I see this movie I still really enjoy this movie. The sound-track is absolutely amazing… not only the movie’s use of classic rock music, but also the music that set the atmosphere and mood. There are times like at the end of the movie where the music and great presentation make me feel so moved! I would definitely recommend everyone to see this movie!


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