Learn English Language through Child of Light

Hello Everyone!

Yes, it is true, we finally made a Learn English Language Through gaming video! I was very excited about this video because this is one of the ways I learn a lot of languages and this is one of my favourite games! The design, music, and game play of Child of Light is amazing. The vocabulary and grammar, however, is quite complex. Upon completing this video I realized that this is pretty high difficulty and will be most beneficial to the higher level ESL students and/or people who really enjoy playing games. If you learn the vocabulary from this video, it is likely that you will be able to play a lot of games, particularly Role Playing Games (RPGs) with less difficulty. Nevertheless, there are some great vocabulary to be learned here, and even more important, an amazing story to be heard.


Here are the vocabulary/expressions:

To tuck yourself in bed = to wrap yourself safely and tightly to the bed in the blanket.
Glory = victory, winning, great things.
Crown land = a place owned by royalty (a King or Queen).
Duke/duchess = A high political level in the country just below King/Queen.
Chill = cold feeling.
Wept (past tense of weep) = to cry.
Plead = beg, ask for desperately.
For all intents and purposes = in every way, in every practical way.
Firefly = an insect that shines like a light.
Monastery = a place where monks, someone who gives their life to worship and their religion/beliefs and sometimes shave their heads, live.
The HP and MP that you see at the top-left of the screen is short for Health Points and Mana Points.
Health Points are how much damage you can take before you die. Magic Points are how much magic power you can use.
Frigid = cold
I know not where = I don’t know where. This is a good example of a sentence structure (syntax) that is used in old English that is being used to make the game artistic.
Nightmare = bad dream
Dew = water drops that form at night on cool surfaces/things as the water in the air condenses (turns into liquid). He thinks the tears in her eyes are dew because he doesn’t know about humans.
Mold = A type of fungus (usually green) that forms on things that have been warm and moist for a long time. This forms on food when it gets really old, then you can’t eat it.
Aura = energy/feeling around someone/something.
Flora = flower/plant.
Cease = stop.
Seer = someone who can see the future.
Curious = strange ( in the British English way of speaking).
Charm = something that gives you good luck.
Have a bite = Eat. He is telling her to try eating the glowing balls of light.
Thee = old English word that means “you.”
Barred = locked shut.
Ignite = to set on fire. Here she is asking the firefly to set his butt (rear) on fire to make light. This makes the firefly surprised and embarrassed.
Scepter = a decorated stick (staff) usually used by kings, queens, or other rich/important people.
To cast a shadow = to make a shadow. You can cast a shadow on something which would mean to make it dark.
Gleam = to shine with light. Usually shiny things like metal will gleam if you shine light on them.
Mean = not nice.
Wield = to hold
Cast = on the bottom of the screen this cast means to attack or use a magic spell. Originally, the word cast is only used for magic. Example) Harry Potter is always casting some spell.
Slash = to hit with a sword or sharp weapon.
EX/EXP = Experience. This is something you get usually after winning or defeating an enemy. If you get enough, you can go to the next level.
Strike = similar to slash, but this means to hit something with anything.
Foe = enemy/bad guy.
Strength = physical power.
Magic = magical power.
Skill = some kind of special ability or thing that you can do. This can be a physical or magical ability.
Right now I am one-shotting these monsters with Aurora’s magic power. To one-shot means to kill something in 1 hit/strike/slash.
Attack/defense = attack is when you hit something
Defense = when something hits you. It also affects how much damage you take from enemies/foes.
You can see that in these kinds of games words like increase and decrease are very common. You should know these words very well!
Counterattack = to attack an enemy back after they attack you.
Light/dark/fire/water/lightning = these are all elements in this game and many other different games.
Party = the people in your group who adventure with you.
Inventory = the items/objects that you can use.
Healing potion/tonic = something you drink to get your HP back.
Glow = to shine, usually not too brightly.
Oculi = in this game these are crystals/gems that you can use in your weapons and armor to make you stronger.

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