Learn English Language through Big Hero 6

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a super hero? In this great movie set in the fictional fusion city of San-Fransokyo, a bunch of kids get together and use their special inventions to become super heroes!


After watching this video and studying the vocabulary, make sure to make the full movie so that you can review what you learned!

Here are the vocabulary and expressions for those of you who want to quiz yourself later!

Vocabulary and Expressions Big Hero 6
Vocabulary/Expressions Definitions
The winner, by total annihilation Annihilation = to destroy, kill, remove from existence.
No one hustles Yama! To hustle someone = to cheat someone, to trick someone into giving you their money. This usually happens in betting games, and the hustler pretends to be bad, then bets money, then wins the game.
Teach him a lesson. To teach someone a lesson = to punish someone or get revenge on someone after they did something bad to you.
I had to close up early because of you two felons. Felon = someone who has done a crime (usually a semi-serious one).
And I hope you learned your lesson.Absolutely. To learn a lesson = To understand why what you did was wrong.
Welcome to the nerd lab. Nerd = someone who is very smart, likes to study, and is usually very obsessed with something like anime, games, and/or computers.
I cannot deactivate until you say I am satisfied with my care. Deactivate = to turn off something, usually a computer or machine.
Burning the midnight oil, Hamada? To burn the midnight oil = to pull an all-nighter, to work all night. This is an older expression used often in the 1900s.
You come up with something that blows Callahan away, you’re in. To blow someone away = to surprise/impress someone.
Useless empty brain.Wow, washed up at 14. To be washed up = to lose your talent, to not be good at something anymore.
Dinner is on me!Yes! Nothing is better than free food. Dinner is on me = I will buy dinner for everyone. This expression is also used for drinks. Example) Drinks are on me.
She’s wearing something super inappropriate for an 80 year old. That always cracks me up. To crack someone up = to make someone laugh.
Your hormone and neurotransmitter signals indicate that you are experiencing mood swings. Mood swing = to change your mood/attitude very often. Example) To be happy, then sad the next moment, then suddenly angry.
You gave me a heart attack. To give someone a heart attack = an expression that means to scare someone badly.
Well at least take a plate for the road. For the road = for take-out, to take with you.
You look sick. Sick = awesome, cool. This is different from the usual meaning which means to have a cold, flu or other illness.
That mask, black suit, we’re under attack from a super villain. Villain = bad guy, bad/evil person.
Listen nitwit, a lunatic in a mask just tried to kill us. Nitwit = idiot, moron, stupid person.Lunatic = crazy person.
Killer view.Yeah, if I wasn’t terrified of heights. Killer = amazing, great.To be terrified of = to be afraid of.
But none of this would be possible without a few bumps in the road. A bump in the road = a challenge, setback, difficulty.
Flying makes me a better health care companion. Companion = a person or thing you spend a lot of time with, usually in a positive way.
Reports are still flooding in about a group of individuals who prevented what could have been a major catastrophe. To flood in = to come in/into quickly (like a flood).Catastrophe = a major disaster/horrible event.
We didn’t set out to be super heroes. But, sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned. To set out = to start, to depart on a trip/journey.

Report Card Summary:


Genuine Language Usage: This is a fairly recent movie and, even though it is based in a fictional hybrid Japanese/American city, the characters all use popular American English. Since it is a Disney movie, the language used here is easier than other movies just because it was meant for children.

Educational Value: While this movie does cover the extremely popular “super hero” theme for movies these days, there is a lot more action than conversation. In addition to this, the little conversation that does take place in this movie is quite simplified.

Fun Factor: I feel like this movie was pretty well made and is a fun watch. I was honestly a little surprised by the plot twist and the story was pretty unique. I especially like how developed the characters were. Of course, they could have been developed a little more, but as it stands, it was easy by the end to connect with all of the characters.


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